Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Weigh in Wednesday - Week 1

I am so sorry i didn't get anything posted for yesterday, it was a super jam packed day and by the time i was done working out  it was bed time...OH well I'm not perfect!

I still have not gotten a chance to take my "before" pictures or measurements..... hopefully tonight!!! 

Its that time again, the time where I embarrass my self to a bunch of people basically in front of me.

Last weeks weigh in was a whopping 212.2 lbs 

This weeks weigh in : 211.6

Total weight lost: 0.6 lbs

Total weight to remaining till goal weight 140: 71.6 lbs

Not a huge loss this week but honestly, I will take any loss!!!

Thanks for reading!!! "Wock n Woll!"


  1. You can always just say how many pounds you lost instead of listing your weight if you dont want to.... Just a thought. But way to go on the loss. I will take any loss either. I actually gained like 3lbs because I CAN NOT STOP EATING :( I need to borrow P90x also...

  2. Yeah i don't really care anymore :) I feel it holds me accountable, i just like to make the side comments ha!