Tuesday, December 27, 2011

December 27 20111

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, which ever holiday you celebrate! 

So in our house we do celebrate Christmas, we are a pretty mixed bunch, we celebrate many holidays. Which i think is awesome! We had a great Christmas, we go to my aunts house Christmas Eve and scrapbook all night...lol...then sleep...wake up....stockings....breakfast.....and then presents....

DB was so excited when she woke up, she thought Santa was a girl, and asked why her (Santa) mommy wasn't here....LOL..and if her (Santa) mommy helped her with the presents. Man oh man do i love that kid! 

She got an awesome bike from our Aunt Jodi:

Once she opened it and saw that it was a bike she said "OH a bike ride" lol!!

Aunt Jodi woke up Christmas morning with the Flu, we felt bad for her. She is doing better now, so NYE we will be back to scrap-booking maniacs lol.

I have decided to make tons of changes in 2012, besides the 100 days of real food, i will also be remodeling my living space, Here is what i have so far:

The inspiration for DB's room - this will not come until mid to late 2012, DS (Darling Sister) lol, is planning to move in with her DBF (darling boyfriend) lol! Once she moves out then her room will turn into DB room, i'm not going to lie, it is really exciting for me! LOL DB and i are in a room together and have been since i moved back in with my parents...It will be nice to have my own space again, i think DB will like it as well...

So i had to buy this rug because DB said she wanted a purple room. I saw this at Big Lots and it was the only one left, i was afraid that it would be gone by the time we get to her room, so i bought it anyway lol!

This is the paint that i will be using to paint the hallway and the stairway. I am not sure if i should paint the doors blue also, and just leave the trim white or just paint it all the light blue....this i will need to think about.

This is the bathroom color, it is like a blue/green ish color, i like it a lot. 

To the Left is the hallway/stairs color, and to the right is the bathroom color, and everywhere else is the current bathroom color which is an ugly yellow ish caca color that my mom painted. Sorry mom....it just doesn't work. 

This remodel will be a project that i will be working on in all of 2012, i really only have nights and weekends until march and then i only have weekends to work on it. I will post pictures randomly as i go :) 

I hope you all have a wonderful day!! 
"Wock n Woll"

Monday, December 19, 2011

December 19 2011

Monday, Monday...da da da-da da-da da....

Today is the last Monday DB and i get to hang out with AJ, it is a sad day...we both have huge changes coming to our lives..she got a GREAT new job...and i will be starting school...and its not that we can't hang out other days but seriously since AJ and i moved we have hung out almost every Monday, so since December 2008. I will miss out Mondays! But totally look forward to maybe Saturdays! 

I am looking forward to January 1st 2012...this will be the first day to my 10 day pledge. 10 days of real food, i am starting with 10. LOL! then i will try the 100 day challenge...or maybe just keep doing 10 day pledges. SO if you would like to pledge 10 days of your life to not eating processed food, white sugars and flowers...etc..etc..go here and join me! www.100daysofrealfood.com 

I think it is funny what kind of reaction you get when you change you look....in this case i changed my hair...i now have bangs and it is red with blond chunks...i am not quite used to it yet...it looks like a wig still..lol. When you walk by some one and they give a reaction, i don't think the person giving the reaction knows how much you can read them...lol. So when you look totally different, and their eyes just light up and they smile and say "wow, it looks really good, i like it" that is a sincere "likes" it. On the other side when they pause and say "you look different, i will have to get used to this" that is an "I don't know how to tell her it looks like SH*t...lol j/k! I can really care less what you think about my hair! That's the thing, its just hair :) 

Well i am going to make this blog like me - Short and Sweet!

C-ya! I hope you all have a wonderful day today even though it is Monday! 

Thanks for reading!

"Wock N Woll"

Sunday, December 18, 2011

December 18th 2011

There is only one week until christmas, this will be DB's 3rd Christmas. It is so crazy to see the change in children as they grow up. I am so excited for next weekend <3

Today is my 5 year anniversary with the company I work for. This is the longest job I have had to date. I was just thinking that jobs are like relationships...my job and I have had our up and most defiantly our downs, I have grown with my job and I have watched my company grow. I am thankful for my job. I am going to keep positive in 2012 and hope my company sales increase :)

I found a blog www.daddyslittlegrill.blogspot.com it is about a woman who lost her father in January 2011 due to suicide. It is her daily struggles. I read every one of her blog entry's and you can just see the strength grow in her over this past year. January 19th will be the 1st anniversary of her daddy passing maybe if you guys could keep her in your thoughts or go leave her a comment may help her ease through this time. Also if you have lost someone due to suicide or know someone who may be thinking of taking their life, I truly feel that this may help you or them. To know you are not alone.

Since today is Sunday DB and I don't have much planned. Just have to get up and get the laundry started and then we have to go to bed bath and beyond which will be interesting. Hopefully we wont have to fight the crowds too much lol.

I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend so far!!!

"wock n woll"

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Secret Santa!

What a merry holiday....my car broke Monday night (at work) i had to two it to my mechanic, which it cost me $136.00 and to this day it is still at the shop, and will be fixed by tonight! I had to borrow my moms car...the Bitch goddess car.........................baahshhshhahha that is the sticker on the back of it! LOL! But it was all fine when i got to work this morning to a gift on my desk!

Ever since i have been in this department we play secret Santa! They didn't do any thing fun around Christmas time before i was here. I like to bring the holiday spirit back into action! HA! So it seems that every year the person who has me doesn't give me a gift until the very last day or so, this year it isn't playing like that! I got a gift today! 
Tattoo Books!
My secret Santa is obviously someone who knows me, lol! I arrived to work today and there was a package on my desk, inside were the above Tattoo books. Thank you secret Santa! HEHE!

This year is really tight in the gift giving. I still figured out a way to get DB more then one gift. I can wait to see her reaction this year! She is so much more into the decorations and lights. It is amazing to see her face light up when we go down a street with lights on the houses. She says "WOW!!! Yook mommy yights..." I love it! The raw emotion/excitement coming from her! It truly lights up my heart. I am almost afraid for her to grow up because i know this raw/real emotion will slowly dim. It really makes me sad. Is there a way to get some magic dust to sprinkle on her to make her not grow up....and while you're in the magic dust bag....get me some of that skinny dust and just dump it on me! LOL!

What are your plans for your Holiday this year? Are you starting new traditions? 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Talk about a nice fellow

This morning I heard a wonderful TRUE story on my favorite radio show, the mikey show, and i thought i would share the story with you all! 

A Victim Treats His Mugger Right

It brought a smile to my face, because there is a shortage of nice people in the world these days. 

I hope it brings as much love to your heart as it did to mine!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rosie's adventures in birth and beyond: Doula Robin's Monoamniotic Twins

Please take a minute to read the below link, this is a friend of my friends. My heart goes out to her and her family.

Rosie's adventures in birth and beyond: Doula Robin's Monoamniotic Twins

Finding a new me

I have been slacking in everything lately, I am not sure why or what is going on. 

It is time to get my ass back on track and no more excuses! Even if i don't post a blog everyday that will be OK but i need to find the Happy again! Because i am not happy in my body, or environment. 

I am hoping that with the changes coming in 2012 it will help bring my Happy back. We'll have to see....LOL

I am going to have to get back on track with walking at lunch and eating healthy (1200 calories) again. YES!! BRING ON THE FOOD JOURNALS well my weight watchers tracker thing! 

I have been making so many excuses as to why it is OK if i eat crap, or not track my food,  and it really isn't ok. 

I will be starting school in 2012 but before i can even start i have to take a High School Assessment test, due to the fact that i did not get my high school diploma or a GED. I take the test on Saturday. I am actually nervous about it, 1 - because i haven't been in school for 8-10 years, and 2- the practice test has algebra on it, I NEVER took algebra. I have been you tubing it and trying to figure it out. i just hope i pass this thing! 

Change subject...

Dooty booty is talking so much! like full sentences, it is amazing! she is so smart! She sings her abc's and can identify the alphabet which it neat! She is getting so tall, I cant believe she will be 3 in March! Where is this time going?!?!?!??!?!??

I have to get back to business now! 

Please keep me in your thoughts that i can overcome this crap and finally stay on track, instead of just messing everything up!


"Wock n Woll"