Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Secret Santa!

What a merry car broke Monday night (at work) i had to two it to my mechanic, which it cost me $136.00 and to this day it is still at the shop, and will be fixed by tonight! I had to borrow my moms car...the Bitch goddess car.........................baahshhshhahha that is the sticker on the back of it! LOL! But it was all fine when i got to work this morning to a gift on my desk!

Ever since i have been in this department we play secret Santa! They didn't do any thing fun around Christmas time before i was here. I like to bring the holiday spirit back into action! HA! So it seems that every year the person who has me doesn't give me a gift until the very last day or so, this year it isn't playing like that! I got a gift today! 
Tattoo Books!
My secret Santa is obviously someone who knows me, lol! I arrived to work today and there was a package on my desk, inside were the above Tattoo books. Thank you secret Santa! HEHE!

This year is really tight in the gift giving. I still figured out a way to get DB more then one gift. I can wait to see her reaction this year! She is so much more into the decorations and lights. It is amazing to see her face light up when we go down a street with lights on the houses. She says "WOW!!! Yook mommy yights..." I love it! The raw emotion/excitement coming from her! It truly lights up my heart. I am almost afraid for her to grow up because i know this raw/real emotion will slowly dim. It really makes me sad. Is there a way to get some magic dust to sprinkle on her to make her not grow up....and while you're in the magic dust bag....get me some of that skinny dust and just dump it on me! LOL!

What are your plans for your Holiday this year? Are you starting new traditions? 

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