Thursday, September 29, 2011

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What happened?!?!


Good evening bloggy world!!! I hope you all have had a great Monday.....eek....that just doesn't sound right!

Weekend RECAP!

DB and I had a relaxing weekend! We didn't do much, stayed home in our jammies, except for the time i had to go to the grocery store!

We made wonderful cup cakes as you saw in the previous blog...

but real stuff, i needed this weekend, i don't really feel like it helped the "depression" i am feeling, but it is a start...

I bought 3 Biggest Loser Cookbooks today that i am going to start incorporating into my daily life. What i would really like is my friends to be close to me...and on the same EXACT schedule that i am on so we can go walking daily! Like a stroller walking group....THAT DOESN'T COST MONEY!!! That way all of us get out and get fresh air and a nice Bitch session....all while literally walking out butts off!!!

So anyway since i like doing the recipe/cooking/baking blogs and show you what i'm making....i'm going to do that with my healthy choices also and take you guys along with me. This is also all new to me...since...I DON'T COOK.....not at all....the only one thing i know how to make is Boxed mac n cheese!



It is now see that gap in there i totally skipped over tuesday! This week is flying by and going so slow, i have not had any motivation...really for anything! 

How do you become a morning person!? I would really like to be a morning person. the kind of person who gets up at 5am because thats when their inner alarm clock goes off.....whoever is in charge of this out there, can you lead me to the right aisle for inner alarm clocks, mine seems to be broken!

So this is all you get i will go to bed early tonight and you will have a new version of me tomorrow!!!

I hope all is well! 

"Wock N Woll"

Sunday, September 25, 2011

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More Cuppy Cakes

A friend of mine, DCH, gave me a cupcake recipe on the healthier side. I decided to share with you all!!!! They are good!!

Here's what you'll need:

Cake Mix, Diet Soda, 2 eggs (whites), and LIGHT Whipped topping

First you will preheat the oven as directed on the box of cake mix then you will follow the pictures...yay!!!
Pour the Cake Mix

Use only the egg 
whites from 2 eggs

Get your diet soda, use either one can (12oz) or measure 12 oz from a bottle. Then pour into the bowl.




Pour the 


And bake as directed

Is that the right 

 Just add




are just
some ideas.

Aunt RE-RE 
said the chocolate
chips are a bit 
too much!

 I really
hope you 
these ones

Please enjoy!

Try them 
and let
me know
what you think!!!

"Wock n Woll"
Aunt Re-Re enjoying the chocolate chip topped cupcake!

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Friday, September 23, 2011


Last night it felt like cupcake wars in my house...i was a madwoman!!! We are having a potluck at work and i seriously don't know why i always chose items that will take HOURS and do them the night! I started when i got home from work and didnt have enough powdered sugar for the frosting eek!!! so then i had to wait because aunt re-re said she would purchase some for me on her way home.......that was about 10pm ish that it showed up! I was up LAAATTTEE!! LOL here are some pictures to make your mouth water!!! Don't judge my frosting skills....
Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes!! And my lil Runt Cupcake in the front!!

My first home made butter cream frosting!!

All purddy!!!

The leftovers!!! Don't fret, it is in the fridge :) 
Me drooling over the cupcake i cannot and will not eat!!!

love it, you cant get fat by enjoying a picture :) 

Have a wonderful day!
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Finding New Friends Blog Hop!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday, Funday? Not so much.

Ah today has been a day already, it's only 10:08 in the am and I am sitting in the waiting room for my second doctors appointment. This isn't any kind of fun appointment though....this is the appointment where they should probably buy you dinner first....if you get my drift.....I dread these appointments. I mean I had a baby so I should be used to the violation right? Wrong....I am a fat, modest, insecure, person....LOL!! there is no getting over the anxiety that these appointments cause me. Oh well let's move on and get my min off of this.....(like that will happen)

So DB has decided that at about 1:30 am every night she is done sleeping in her bed and wants to sleep with mommy....last night she actually woke me up to get in my bed (I made sure to sleep on the side she usually gets up on...HA) I threw her a curve ball and said "sorry love you have to stay in your bed" she replied with "I can't sleep" of course she can' I said " mommy will tuck you in and you will be fine" I tucked her in, kissed her head, said I love her and goodnight and she passed out like it was nothing....weird....didn't she jus say she can't sleep?!?!! it's 3:30 ish now and she wakes me this point I gave in and let her sleep in my bed.......when I got up for my day o' appointments I put her back in her bed. How do you not give in to that?!?!?

My violation is over and I had to get a tet-nus shot also....booooooooo!!! Is it normal to break down crying to your dr?!? Seriously, she asked what was going on with my life and I said "it's eh, just battling life.... Trying to get the weight off my shoulders and in process have lost motivation for my weight loss..." and started crying as I was talking....I can't say it was PMS....unless I say it was post, post PMS or maybe it's pre-PMS!!! ha! Or it's just plain depression...who knows....

Now I am on to my eye appointment....this is seriously what I go through all the time...

Eyes went well, got new glasses! Can I just sum up my day for you......

1. 7:00 am Dropped my car off at Honda-to get the seat belt sensor fixed
2. 7:30 went to the post office got one of those notes in my box that said "we missed you...blah blah we have your package"
3. 8:00 am ortho orange and brown colors for fall :)
4. 8:40 go pick up my car from Honda -- YAY!!!! airbag light is off!!!!
5. 9:00 am go to pep boys and get windshield wipers, little hand broom and dust pan (for DB), '56 ford f-100 hotwheels for DB also, head light restorer...all that fun fun I also had the guys at pep boys put on my wipers :)
6. 9:30 back to post office to get my package (it was a card from shutterfly)
7. 9:45 BACK TO PEP BOYS!!!! really?!? The wipers were supposed to be buy one get one free.....I paid full price... Come to find out I have to mail in a rebate, they didn't tell me that...WTF...
8 10:00 get to kaiser to be violated....appointment wasn't until 10:30.....blah!
9 1115 go to my vision appointment.....that appointment wasn't until 11:40...........had a hard time pickin out glasses :-/ finally get them and get home at 1:00pm

I am now going to sit back and relax and try to that will happen!!!!!!

Hope you all have had an exciting day like me!!

Love you, mean it!
"wock n woll"

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Episode twentyONE

I am finally catching up on Jersey Shores, I haven't watched it for the past two weeks! Not because I hate the show but because i feel like i don't have any time, DB is finally laying down for a nap....its 3:47 in the pm! Sheesh! She seriously has been non stop! lol! I love the train wreck called Jersey Shore....I'm not going to apologize for it either! lol

DB is a part of a baby gang, the Baby Boos, let me give you some background...when i was pregnant i thought it would be smart to take Lamaze, so i signed Gamma Moogs and i up for it. (Gamma moogs stood up and became my baby daddy, if you will, when DB's father/sperm donor disappeared (that's another story for another ANY HOOT back to the Baby boo gang...I got super lucky with the Lamaze class i was placed into!!! seriously every one was the same age, we had close personalities, and they are seriously just GREAT people. So there were 4 groups of us who got close. there were a few other couples who just didn't want to be in our gang, but that is neither here nor there. So out of us 4 we had all our babies with in the dates March 12th, 2009 and April 14th 2009. Two girls and two boys! to this day 2 + years later we are still friends and i love the fact that our kids will be BFF's (i will make them....) HA! I am so glad that we were brought together!!! I only have a few friends from when i was a kid and i think those long time friendships are super cool, to say me and so and so have been friends for 34 years is neat! Maybe its just me.....but i like that!

So today i got my windows tinted!!!! I completed envelope 2 of my "I wants" i have wanted my car windows tinted for as long as i have had my car a whoppin 8 years!!!! I decided on the step below limo tinting....i have bad eyes so i didn't want to have trouble seeing at night! I suggest if you are in the San Diego area go see Adrian at ACE Window Tinting!!!! Just give Adrian a call, he'll get you all situated!! Thank you so much for making my whip one level better!!!

Well all my readers in Blog land....i am going to so shop at Michael's.....this could be

"wock n woll"

Friday, September 16, 2011

Blog hops?!?!

Ok so this is my first attempt at a blog hop....please let me know what i am doing wrong... I totally can relate to her (Chunky Goddess) and her blog is FUNNY!!! I am going to follow her on her journey because i sure do need the motivation to get back on track!! 70 lbs to go still!!! DDDAAANNNGGG!!!!! GET IT GIRL!!!
misadventures of a chunky goddess
"wock n woll"

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Episode TWENTY

Once again I had to take my car into FAST. ( my airbag light would not turn off, which could always end up bad if I got into an accident. They did all the testing and found that it was my seat belt sensor??!?! REALLY?!?! SO they cleaned it up real nicely and told me if it were to come back on then I would have to take it to the Dealership. Did you know that seat belts are covered by the dealership for life? News to me, but good to know! So once again I thank the guys at Fast Service Center! You all are amazing!

Something YUMMY!!!!

I made banana ice cream last good...all i used is frozen banana's and some milk, could use a little Pure Via sweetener or something but it was super yummy....I put all the banana pieces (frozen) into the blender and then tried to blend it up..... wasn't i added some milk... apparently i just suck at anything that has to do with the kitchen....because gamma moogs came in and made it right! LOL 

DB and I have not been doing much lately, I was really working on getting her to sleep in her own bed….so last night I put her to bed probably at around 10-ish and she fights me like normal...but then is basically asleep. So I PASS OUT!! I am so tired…it was just a long day. This morning I am woken up by some sort of buzzing sound…and this is like 5 minutes before my alarm goes off…that is never a good start to the day…lol I get up to investigate this sound and find that the fan is turned on! DB decided to get up and play with the fan after I went to sleep!!!! What the heck! I told her this morning! “DB you cannot play with fans, if you are having trouble sleeping wake me up…” Wow, I wish I could keep her in her crib lol! 

To my FH

Just an FYI, this year is running out and i was hoping for you to sweep me off my feet before this year ended....and since you will have kaiser insurance it will be perfect. Also i will need you to have 30k in cash so i can buy my car.....30k is a little higher then what it costs for the car but that is OK. then i can get all the bells and whistles on it. 

Well i hope you all in blog land are having a wonderful hump day!!! 

"Wock n Woll"

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Episode NINEteen

Blah blah blah hippity hoop la! HA! I think i have had one to many cups of coffee!! Oh well i guess you'll have to deal with it...or move on to the next blog...

I sometimes draw a blank when it comes to writing....i guess that isn't good if i want to keep this up ha! 

SOOO DB has been sleeping in her OWN bed for a week....yes, except one night....i woke up the other morning when my alarm went off and she was in my bed!!! I didn't even notice her get in my bed in the middle of the night....sneaky little sniper! 

I really didn't think that 2 year olds could come up with so many excuses as to why they cant go to bed....i though that came at a later age....every night it is, I cant sleep, i have to go potty (shes still in diapers), i need to brush my teeth (she already did), I need my a-mite-a-mins (vitamins, and she already had them), i need to say night to gamma and papa (she did that also).....then i say "JUST GO TO SLEEP!! It will be OK i promise, and if you sleep in your bed all night you'll get a sticker in the morning!" 

I love that kids LOVE stickers!!! they are a good reward! and not that expensive!

Oh Crap.....I just spilled my coffee all over my desk.....


OK! I seriously want the FLIP camera! i know they aren't making them anymore....but they still have some! Some people, or just one person by the name of SD Freak says i don't need it because i have an iPhone4......Who the heck cares that i have an iPhone4.....LOL....he just thinks i don't need the buy the flip i would be putting off tinting my windows for another month or so.....

What do you think.....should i buy it?

Let me know! "Wock N Woll"

Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's Be Different.....not be perfect....

I, as well as everyone else, have my struggles. I have made extremely bad choices in my life. Defiantly not taken the best paths in life regarding school, drugs, friends, men, work, etc.....i am not perfect. I would have to say that since that day I found out I was pregnant I have looked at life a little different. Sometime it takes people asking you "what was up with you" to realize how bad you were....

I do not regret the things that i have done because i wouldn't be who i am today with out the experiences i have been through, BUT i am so sorry to the people i may have hurt during my self destruction. There isn't anything i can do to change the past and the feelings i have inside, or the pain i have caused to family and friends in the past. All i can do is go forward and try to better myself along this new path i have chosen. 

Looking into my daughters eyes and seeing the innocence in them makes me scared to send her to school when she is older....i don't want her  to experience the things that i did. 

Since June of 2008 I have lived a different life then i was....I have had people try to step in my path and disturb the trail that DB and i are following...we will always find our way back. 

There are things in life we have to experience to make us who we are....some can come out of the self destruction and realize there is a bright path with some good in life that cannot be missed and others will fall down with the rubble to the depths and may not regain control.

I have chosen the bright path....I will continue working on myself everyday!

To my friends and family who are still there, I know you may have given up at times, i can understand why! I thank you for being there still after it all! Thank you for walking besides me for the past 3+ years! Thank you for your support and love! DB and I love you all!!!

"wock n woll"

We still stand!

Thank you to the soldiers that fight for this country everyday.....Thank you to the ones who have lost their lives defending this country with out hesitation. Thank you to the men and women and children of 9/11 you are all hero's in my eyes! It sucks that it takes huge tragedy to bring this country together. It sucks that people have to lose their lives to people who are so ignorant. My heart goes out to the friends and family of the hero's of 9/11....and to everyone who was and is affected.

You will NEVER be forgotten!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Episode EIGHteen

I wanted to share the great news that i have finished my first "Envelope"!!!

My first envelope was for my car windshield. It had a small crack in it that touched 3 sides, no big deal.....

So i started with the envelope and used a $200.00 as my savings goal. 

I put all my extra money, i like to call it "found" money, in there. Like for example I have a gas budget and i refill it every paycheck, but now if there is any money left over i put it into my "I want" envelopes. I have been doing very well not over spending. It is really hard to do, like sometimes i REALLY just want to go blow it!

But I am staying on track this time! And look what it got me! A BRAND SPANKING NEW WINDSHIELD!!! I mean i have been putting it off for at least 4-5 years biggie....

I feel so much better now. On to the next envelope....WINDOW TINTING!!!! Oh yeah!

Just Taking Care of Business and Living the Dream! 

Thank you to the Guys at Fast Service Center for fixin up my windshield!!! If you need a mechanic and live in San Diego County I suggest going to to them!! They are #1 in my book!!!! Thanks again guys!

FAST Service Center

"Wock N Woll"

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

CLUB 3000

I have hit 3000 page views today! What an accomplishment! LOL

I just want to thank y'all for reading!!!!!!!!!!!

Episode SEVENteen

Is there any city, state, or place where smoking is banned? A completely smoke free town? Let me know if there is, I will be moving there....LOL. Where you don't have to always have your windows closed in your car, where there isn't ciggy butts on the ground everywhere you walk, where you could take your kid to a store and not have to walk though a cloud of smoke....

I used to smoke and ALOT almost all of my friends the people that smoke what would you do if they banned smoking in your city, town, or even state?

I was googling (like always) "IS THERE A CITY THAT DOESN'T SMOKE" New York is probably the state with the biggest ban...i don't really know, i only looked into it for like 2 minutes...this was just a though...How do you feel on the Situation?

C/S (Change Subject)

I have these neighbors, they moved in probably about 1 year ago, maybe even longer, I spoke to them that weird? I think they are around my age. I say high to their dogs every day when I get home from work....but when they are outside I don't say hi or even i am scared or something. Or i try to wave but like i am Over-waving, like a dork...ha! Maybe Dooty Booty and I will walk our road every day, and then MAYBE we'll get a chance to meet our neighbors....LOL


There is only really like 1.5 months left until Halloween, I have NO IDEA of what Dooty Booty is going to be. Her first Halloween I had it all planned out, I mean I was making her costume like 5 months before the thought of October, she was an Ear of Corn....her second Halloween I did a complete 180 i waited until the very last minute then tried to find the costume that i wanted her to be (i found it) and it came with one week to spare! She was a Sock Monkey that year...such a cute costume!! Now the hunt will begin AGAIN!!! I am accepting all ideas for toddler costumes.....

Well my lunch is almost over....sad face....back to work I go!

"Wock N Woll"

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

iPhone Blog

I am blogging from my tiny little iPhone right now, I apologize in advance for any auto corrects, I have no control over iPhone auto correct. I guess I want to prove to Gamma Moogs that this "Smart Phone" (thats what she calls my phone) can do anything, including blogging. So let's begin! I hope you all had a wonderful labor day weekend. We didn't do a whole lot, we stayed close to home because we are broke for the next 2 weeks and it was really hot out!!! To recap the weekend Friday I worked and we got released early for the holiday, yay! On my way home I was a victom of road rage. That was fun, NOT! I always had slight road rage but I would never scream obsentities out my window of my at complete strangers. Any hoot I wonder if I will have the pleasure of running into this perfect gentleman again? Wouldn't that be something. Saturday dooty booty and I just hung around and did a single load of laundry, then went to a friends bday party. We stayed there all day she was having a cocktail party so you can't really take a toddler to one of those, we left before the party got hoppin. Sunday we slept in and did laundry some more and met up with uncle bear. Keepin it low key. Ended up going to the bar, I would really enjoy the bar if no one smoked. Gamma moogs watched dooty booty for me. I got to have some one on one adult time with un le bear, it's good to do that sometimes lol. I don't drink or smoke but had fun lol. Saw some old friends which was neato. Some guy drove into the center divider of the street and knocked the street light off and it fell on his car, yeah he was most likely a DUI which really disgusts me :-/ On Monday I moved dooty booty and my room around. She slept in her OWN bed for most of the night which made this mama happy!!!!!! I hate to cut this short but it is 7:08 and I'm running into bath time....... "wock n woll"

Friday, September 2, 2011

PB & Banana Rice Cake Dreams

OK so i am going to start eating Rice Cakes ALL THE Time!!! So I figured as I am making new Rice Cake creations I would share them with you guys! Now I usually only stick to the Quaker Lightly Salted kind, but who knows where this may go.....

So the average cost for a package of these is about 2-3 bucks, of course it depends on where you purchase them. In each bag there is 2 smaller sealed bags of 7 rice cakes each. I know, I know, boring...

I personally can eat them plane....some people say they they are gross. lol...

For my first creation I did the basic PB & Banana. What you need is very simple. 

- 3 Lightly Salted Rice Cakes (I will always use 3, it looks better on the plate...LOL)
- Peanut Butter, Crunchy or Smooth what ever floats yer boat
- 1 Banana

Instructions are simple, spread the peanut butter on the Rice Cake. Chop up 1 banana and put on the rice cake in equal parts. I like to spread my banana on the peanut butter.

The banana looks sorta like pineapple or something but it is banana....LOL

Make sure to have a napkin when you enjoy this, peanut butter is a little messy. 

Also this is a GREAT snack for kids, Dooty Booty loves it, I usually cut hers up smaller though!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Episode SIXteen

Warning this post may be boring.....LOL

Living in my "Debt Free, Way to Be" kind of life, well trying to get to that life, I cannot just go out and buy big purchases. 

So when I want, lets say a LCD Flat screen TV(I have a 13" box TV, no joke) I just cant go out and buy it, i have to save for it. I have what is called the "I wants Envelope System"  This is for those big purchases....OR if i have to save for something like my WINDSHIELD!! lol! (its had a crack in it since 2007 or 08) 

This is how it works:

What you need:

You get blank #10 envelopes
Pictures, printed from websites of stuff you "want" 
A sharpie or some type of BOLD pen or marker
A lock box or VERY good hiding place

Now what I did was write on the top right corner what the item was and the estimated cost

Second I folded up the pictures put them in the envelopes

Third I put them in some kind of order, like what i NEED the most to what i WANT the most 

The Fun part!!!! SAVING YOUR MONEY!!!!! What i do, If i have any money left over from my gas money or my "blow" money i put it in the first envelope, i also budgeted $20.00 or so from each pay check to go into an envelope. You do all this until you reach your estimated cost. 

So say you had an envelope for a Bike and your estimated cost was $200.00, when you went and purchased your bike it was only $165.00 so you have $35.00 left over, that $35.00 goes into the next envelope labeled "Nose Job" and the collecting/saving continues.....

You have to put that money out of your head...i know it's boring and sucks....but being a single mom on only one income you have to do what you can. I hope this helped someone out there!

"Wock N Woll"