Friday, September 2, 2011

PB & Banana Rice Cake Dreams

OK so i am going to start eating Rice Cakes ALL THE Time!!! So I figured as I am making new Rice Cake creations I would share them with you guys! Now I usually only stick to the Quaker Lightly Salted kind, but who knows where this may go.....

So the average cost for a package of these is about 2-3 bucks, of course it depends on where you purchase them. In each bag there is 2 smaller sealed bags of 7 rice cakes each. I know, I know, boring...

I personally can eat them plane....some people say they they are gross. lol...

For my first creation I did the basic PB & Banana. What you need is very simple. 

- 3 Lightly Salted Rice Cakes (I will always use 3, it looks better on the plate...LOL)
- Peanut Butter, Crunchy or Smooth what ever floats yer boat
- 1 Banana

Instructions are simple, spread the peanut butter on the Rice Cake. Chop up 1 banana and put on the rice cake in equal parts. I like to spread my banana on the peanut butter.

The banana looks sorta like pineapple or something but it is banana....LOL

Make sure to have a napkin when you enjoy this, peanut butter is a little messy. 

Also this is a GREAT snack for kids, Dooty Booty loves it, I usually cut hers up smaller though!


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