Friday, September 9, 2011

Episode EIGHteen

I wanted to share the great news that i have finished my first "Envelope"!!!

My first envelope was for my car windshield. It had a small crack in it that touched 3 sides, no big deal.....

So i started with the envelope and used a $200.00 as my savings goal. 

I put all my extra money, i like to call it "found" money, in there. Like for example I have a gas budget and i refill it every paycheck, but now if there is any money left over i put it into my "I want" envelopes. I have been doing very well not over spending. It is really hard to do, like sometimes i REALLY just want to go blow it!

But I am staying on track this time! And look what it got me! A BRAND SPANKING NEW WINDSHIELD!!! I mean i have been putting it off for at least 4-5 years biggie....

I feel so much better now. On to the next envelope....WINDOW TINTING!!!! Oh yeah!

Just Taking Care of Business and Living the Dream! 

Thank you to the Guys at Fast Service Center for fixin up my windshield!!! If you need a mechanic and live in San Diego County I suggest going to to them!! They are #1 in my book!!!! Thanks again guys!

FAST Service Center

"Wock N Woll"