Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What happened?!?!


Good evening bloggy world!!! I hope you all have had a great Monday.....eek....that just doesn't sound right!

Weekend RECAP!

DB and I had a relaxing weekend! We didn't do much, stayed home in our jammies, except for the time i had to go to the grocery store!

We made wonderful cup cakes as you saw in the previous blog...

but real stuff, i needed this weekend, i don't really feel like it helped the "depression" i am feeling, but it is a start...

I bought 3 Biggest Loser Cookbooks today that i am going to start incorporating into my daily life. What i would really like is my friends to be close to me...and on the same EXACT schedule that i am on so we can go walking daily! Like a stroller walking group....THAT DOESN'T COST MONEY!!! That way all of us get out and get fresh air and a nice Bitch session....all while literally walking out butts off!!!

So anyway since i like doing the recipe/cooking/baking blogs and show you what i'm making....i'm going to do that with my healthy choices also and take you guys along with me. This is also all new to me...since...I DON'T COOK.....not at all....the only one thing i know how to make is Boxed mac n cheese!



It is now see that gap in there i totally skipped over tuesday! This week is flying by and going so slow, i have not had any motivation...really for anything! 

How do you become a morning person!? I would really like to be a morning person. the kind of person who gets up at 5am because thats when their inner alarm clock goes off.....whoever is in charge of this out there, can you lead me to the right aisle for inner alarm clocks, mine seems to be broken!

So this is all you get i will go to bed early tonight and you will have a new version of me tomorrow!!!

I hope all is well! 

"Wock N Woll"


  1. hmmmm i think my comment got lost in cyber space???

    let's try this again...

    i am making those diet soda cupcakes tomorrow for my son's bday -- can't wait!

    also -- i would stay on your friends about the stroller walking club -- that is an awesome idea. i would SO do it with ya!

    can't wait to see some of your recipes -- from one non-cook to another!


  2. Cyn!

    Both of your comments were there, so now i just posted one...anyhoot! I have to find a group of friends who want to do it first,walking that

    let me know how the cupcakes turn out!!! GOOD LUCK! Hope all is well!!!

  3. Interesting site. I never thought to bake anything with soda. I'll have to try that. I'm your newest follower btw. Found my way here via the thursday blog hop.

    Have a great day. Visit when you get a chance.


  4. New follower here! Cyn led me here when she posted the diet soda cupcake recipe. I can't wait to try it out.

    If you find that inner alarm clock that wakes you up at 5 am, let me know where you got it. :P

  5. Find the Picante Chicken recipe in the BL Cookbooks, it's our FAVOURITE! And not because it's healthy! YUM!