Saturday, September 17, 2011

Episode twentyONE

I am finally catching up on Jersey Shores, I haven't watched it for the past two weeks! Not because I hate the show but because i feel like i don't have any time, DB is finally laying down for a nap....its 3:47 in the pm! Sheesh! She seriously has been non stop! lol! I love the train wreck called Jersey Shore....I'm not going to apologize for it either! lol

DB is a part of a baby gang, the Baby Boos, let me give you some background...when i was pregnant i thought it would be smart to take Lamaze, so i signed Gamma Moogs and i up for it. (Gamma moogs stood up and became my baby daddy, if you will, when DB's father/sperm donor disappeared (that's another story for another ANY HOOT back to the Baby boo gang...I got super lucky with the Lamaze class i was placed into!!! seriously every one was the same age, we had close personalities, and they are seriously just GREAT people. So there were 4 groups of us who got close. there were a few other couples who just didn't want to be in our gang, but that is neither here nor there. So out of us 4 we had all our babies with in the dates March 12th, 2009 and April 14th 2009. Two girls and two boys! to this day 2 + years later we are still friends and i love the fact that our kids will be BFF's (i will make them....) HA! I am so glad that we were brought together!!! I only have a few friends from when i was a kid and i think those long time friendships are super cool, to say me and so and so have been friends for 34 years is neat! Maybe its just me.....but i like that!

So today i got my windows tinted!!!! I completed envelope 2 of my "I wants" i have wanted my car windows tinted for as long as i have had my car a whoppin 8 years!!!! I decided on the step below limo tinting....i have bad eyes so i didn't want to have trouble seeing at night! I suggest if you are in the San Diego area go see Adrian at ACE Window Tinting!!!! Just give Adrian a call, he'll get you all situated!! Thank you so much for making my whip one level better!!!

Well all my readers in Blog land....i am going to so shop at Michael's.....this could be

"wock n woll"


  1. yay! that place does a great job. so glad you went to them. Adrian is so freaken nice too. You know they will drop you off at home while your windows are getting tinted and then they pick you up when it's done. Now that's service!

  2. Oh i love it so much!!!!! WHY didn't i do this sooner?!?!? LOL

  3. I so wish there was a Michael's in the area where I live. Or maybe not...I'd spend half a paycheck in there. It's great to have friends like that. April 14th is a great day..My daughter was born on that day.

  4. your car looks amazing!! Happy for ya! xo

    P.S. Love the new page layout!!

  5. Michaels is amazing lol! I can get in trouble there....Thank you for following me :)!!!