Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Episode TWENTY

Once again I had to take my car into FAST. ( my airbag light would not turn off, which could always end up bad if I got into an accident. They did all the testing and found that it was my seat belt sensor??!?! REALLY?!?! SO they cleaned it up real nicely and told me if it were to come back on then I would have to take it to the Dealership. Did you know that seat belts are covered by the dealership for life? News to me, but good to know! So once again I thank the guys at Fast Service Center! You all are amazing!

Something YUMMY!!!!

I made banana ice cream last good...all i used is frozen banana's and some milk, could use a little Pure Via sweetener or something but it was super yummy....I put all the banana pieces (frozen) into the blender and then tried to blend it up..... wasn't i added some milk... apparently i just suck at anything that has to do with the kitchen....because gamma moogs came in and made it right! LOL 

DB and I have not been doing much lately, I was really working on getting her to sleep in her own bed….so last night I put her to bed probably at around 10-ish and she fights me like normal...but then is basically asleep. So I PASS OUT!! I am so tired…it was just a long day. This morning I am woken up by some sort of buzzing sound…and this is like 5 minutes before my alarm goes off…that is never a good start to the day…lol I get up to investigate this sound and find that the fan is turned on! DB decided to get up and play with the fan after I went to sleep!!!! What the heck! I told her this morning! “DB you cannot play with fans, if you are having trouble sleeping wake me up…” Wow, I wish I could keep her in her crib lol! 

To my FH

Just an FYI, this year is running out and i was hoping for you to sweep me off my feet before this year ended....and since you will have kaiser insurance it will be perfect. Also i will need you to have 30k in cash so i can buy my car.....30k is a little higher then what it costs for the car but that is OK. then i can get all the bells and whistles on it. 

Well i hope you all in blog land are having a wonderful hump day!!! 

"Wock n Woll"

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