Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Episode NINEteen

Blah blah blah hippity hoop la! HA! I think i have had one to many cups of coffee!! Oh well i guess you'll have to deal with it...or move on to the next blog...

I sometimes draw a blank when it comes to writing....i guess that isn't good if i want to keep this up ha! 

SOOO DB has been sleeping in her OWN bed for a week....yes, except one night....i woke up the other morning when my alarm went off and she was in my bed!!! I didn't even notice her get in my bed in the middle of the night....sneaky little sniper! 

I really didn't think that 2 year olds could come up with so many excuses as to why they cant go to bed....i though that came at a later age....every night it is, I cant sleep, i have to go potty (shes still in diapers), i need to brush my teeth (she already did), I need my a-mite-a-mins (vitamins, and she already had them), i need to say night to gamma and papa (she did that also).....then i say "JUST GO TO SLEEP!! It will be OK i promise, and if you sleep in your bed all night you'll get a sticker in the morning!" 

I love that kids LOVE stickers!!! they are a good reward! and not that expensive!

Oh Crap.....I just spilled my coffee all over my desk.....


OK! I seriously want the FLIP camera! i know they aren't making them anymore....but they still have some! Some people, or just one person by the name of SD Freak says i don't need it because i have an iPhone4......Who the heck cares that i have an iPhone4.....LOL....he just thinks i don't need the flip.....to buy the flip i would be putting off tinting my windows for another month or so.....

What do you think.....should i buy it?

Let me know! "Wock N Woll"

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