Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Episode SEVENteen

Is there any city, state, or place where smoking is banned? A completely smoke free town? Let me know if there is, I will be moving there....LOL. Where you don't have to always have your windows closed in your car, where there isn't ciggy butts on the ground everywhere you walk, where you could take your kid to a store and not have to walk though a cloud of smoke....

I used to smoke and ALOT almost all of my friends the people that smoke what would you do if they banned smoking in your city, town, or even state?

I was googling (like always) "IS THERE A CITY THAT DOESN'T SMOKE" New York is probably the state with the biggest ban...i don't really know, i only looked into it for like 2 minutes...this was just a though...How do you feel on the Situation?

C/S (Change Subject)

I have these neighbors, they moved in probably about 1 year ago, maybe even longer, I spoke to them that weird? I think they are around my age. I say high to their dogs every day when I get home from work....but when they are outside I don't say hi or even i am scared or something. Or i try to wave but like i am Over-waving, like a dork...ha! Maybe Dooty Booty and I will walk our road every day, and then MAYBE we'll get a chance to meet our neighbors....LOL


There is only really like 1.5 months left until Halloween, I have NO IDEA of what Dooty Booty is going to be. Her first Halloween I had it all planned out, I mean I was making her costume like 5 months before the thought of October, she was an Ear of Corn....her second Halloween I did a complete 180 i waited until the very last minute then tried to find the costume that i wanted her to be (i found it) and it came with one week to spare! She was a Sock Monkey that year...such a cute costume!! Now the hunt will begin AGAIN!!! I am accepting all ideas for toddler costumes.....

Well my lunch is almost over....sad face....back to work I go!

"Wock N Woll"

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  1. sissy hunny got her costume already. my MIL bought it!!! It's the most adorable thing i've ever seen. waaaay girly. a girly bumble bee. lots of tulle and frilly stuff, and glitter. its adorable. maybe dooty can be another bug to go with her? or is that lame? i have no idea where to get the boys' costumes. M wants to be jack sparrow and aiden wants to be spiderman. they have them both at walmart but at $19 ea thats $38...maybe...we'll see. and girlfriend we havent even gotten started on our costumes. are we still doing it? if so, we need to get on it asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. i miss you. im having withdrawals.........