Thursday, September 1, 2011

Episode SIXteen

Warning this post may be boring.....LOL

Living in my "Debt Free, Way to Be" kind of life, well trying to get to that life, I cannot just go out and buy big purchases. 

So when I want, lets say a LCD Flat screen TV(I have a 13" box TV, no joke) I just cant go out and buy it, i have to save for it. I have what is called the "I wants Envelope System"  This is for those big purchases....OR if i have to save for something like my WINDSHIELD!! lol! (its had a crack in it since 2007 or 08) 

This is how it works:

What you need:

You get blank #10 envelopes
Pictures, printed from websites of stuff you "want" 
A sharpie or some type of BOLD pen or marker
A lock box or VERY good hiding place

Now what I did was write on the top right corner what the item was and the estimated cost

Second I folded up the pictures put them in the envelopes

Third I put them in some kind of order, like what i NEED the most to what i WANT the most 

The Fun part!!!! SAVING YOUR MONEY!!!!! What i do, If i have any money left over from my gas money or my "blow" money i put it in the first envelope, i also budgeted $20.00 or so from each pay check to go into an envelope. You do all this until you reach your estimated cost. 

So say you had an envelope for a Bike and your estimated cost was $200.00, when you went and purchased your bike it was only $165.00 so you have $35.00 left over, that $35.00 goes into the next envelope labeled "Nose Job" and the collecting/saving continues.....

You have to put that money out of your head...i know it's boring and sucks....but being a single mom on only one income you have to do what you can. I hope this helped someone out there!

"Wock N Woll"


  1. haha I love the "nose job" envelope... this is a great idea! Sean and I do this too but only for our trips, like our next trip is to Chicago... We just put the rent money we get from my sister into his sock drawer instead of an envelope... but I think I really need to start this envelope thing... great idea Shasty! Thanks for the tip.

  2. We do the same thing but for all of our bills, we have envelopes for EVERYTHING that isn't direct debited. It's great, and we work really well with it, but it takes a lot of planning and that's where we fall down. Like not having packed lunch for lunch and only having blow with you to buy it.