Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday, Funday? Not so much.

Ah today has been a day already, it's only 10:08 in the am and I am sitting in the waiting room for my second doctors appointment. This isn't any kind of fun appointment though....this is the appointment where they should probably buy you dinner first....if you get my drift.....I dread these appointments. I mean I had a baby so I should be used to the violation right? Wrong....I am a fat, modest, insecure, person....LOL!! there is no getting over the anxiety that these appointments cause me. Oh well let's move on and get my min off of this.....(like that will happen)

So DB has decided that at about 1:30 am every night she is done sleeping in her bed and wants to sleep with mommy....last night she actually woke me up to get in my bed (I made sure to sleep on the side she usually gets up on...HA) I threw her a curve ball and said "sorry love you have to stay in your bed" she replied with "I can't sleep" of course she can' I said " mommy will tuck you in and you will be fine" I tucked her in, kissed her head, said I love her and goodnight and she passed out like it was nothing....weird....didn't she jus say she can't sleep?!?!! it's 3:30 ish now and she wakes me this point I gave in and let her sleep in my bed.......when I got up for my day o' appointments I put her back in her bed. How do you not give in to that?!?!?

My violation is over and I had to get a tet-nus shot also....booooooooo!!! Is it normal to break down crying to your dr?!? Seriously, she asked what was going on with my life and I said "it's eh, just battling life.... Trying to get the weight off my shoulders and in process have lost motivation for my weight loss..." and started crying as I was talking....I can't say it was PMS....unless I say it was post, post PMS or maybe it's pre-PMS!!! ha! Or it's just plain depression...who knows....

Now I am on to my eye appointment....this is seriously what I go through all the time...

Eyes went well, got new glasses! Can I just sum up my day for you......

1. 7:00 am Dropped my car off at Honda-to get the seat belt sensor fixed
2. 7:30 went to the post office got one of those notes in my box that said "we missed you...blah blah we have your package"
3. 8:00 am ortho orange and brown colors for fall :)
4. 8:40 go pick up my car from Honda -- YAY!!!! airbag light is off!!!!
5. 9:00 am go to pep boys and get windshield wipers, little hand broom and dust pan (for DB), '56 ford f-100 hotwheels for DB also, head light restorer...all that fun fun I also had the guys at pep boys put on my wipers :)
6. 9:30 back to post office to get my package (it was a card from shutterfly)
7. 9:45 BACK TO PEP BOYS!!!! really?!? The wipers were supposed to be buy one get one free.....I paid full price... Come to find out I have to mail in a rebate, they didn't tell me that...WTF...
8 10:00 get to kaiser to be violated....appointment wasn't until 10:30.....blah!
9 1115 go to my vision appointment.....that appointment wasn't until 11:40...........had a hard time pickin out glasses :-/ finally get them and get home at 1:00pm

I am now going to sit back and relax and try to that will happen!!!!!!

Hope you all have had an exciting day like me!!

Love you, mean it!
"wock n woll"


  1. We need a Pizza Cake and Purple Drank kinda night!!! You know you can call me any time any day and you know I will be here for you! Love you! Keep your head up!

  2. oh L woww!!! I know you are and i know WE DO!!!! i just knew something inside wasnt right.....but i didnt realize it was effecting me.....we will meet up yo!!! TEXT ME

  3. hey girlie -- ya know, i just recently addressed some inner issues -- depression and such -- and it was the best thing i ever did! not saying that is the case with you, but it never hurts to dig deep.

    i fully believe we have to work on ourselves from the inside out!

    ps -- you rock!!!!

  4. Yeah Cyn, i need to do some digging!!! i have to seriously start on the inside because i really dont think i will be able to lose any more weight with all this baggage that i am carrying! LOL :-/ Thank you for the compliment! I think YOU ROCK!!!