Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's Be Different.....not be perfect....

I, as well as everyone else, have my struggles. I have made extremely bad choices in my life. Defiantly not taken the best paths in life regarding school, drugs, friends, men, work, etc.....i am not perfect. I would have to say that since that day I found out I was pregnant I have looked at life a little different. Sometime it takes people asking you "what was up with you" to realize how bad you were....

I do not regret the things that i have done because i wouldn't be who i am today with out the experiences i have been through, BUT i am so sorry to the people i may have hurt during my self destruction. There isn't anything i can do to change the past and the feelings i have inside, or the pain i have caused to family and friends in the past. All i can do is go forward and try to better myself along this new path i have chosen. 

Looking into my daughters eyes and seeing the innocence in them makes me scared to send her to school when she is older....i don't want her  to experience the things that i did. 

Since June of 2008 I have lived a different life then i was....I have had people try to step in my path and disturb the trail that DB and i are following...we will always find our way back. 

There are things in life we have to experience to make us who we are....some can come out of the self destruction and realize there is a bright path with some good in life that cannot be missed and others will fall down with the rubble to the depths and may not regain control.

I have chosen the bright path....I will continue working on myself everyday!

To my friends and family who are still there, I know you may have given up at times, i can understand why! I thank you for being there still after it all! Thank you for walking besides me for the past 3+ years! Thank you for your support and love! DB and I love you all!!!

"wock n woll"


  1. They ( say, the bigger and darker the lesson, the brighter the light you have to share with the world.
    We can see that!
    Love and light.

  2. I will always love you. You need to give yourself more credit. You are an amazing person. I know how you feel about the past though. I want to kick myself because of the things that I have done or failed to do. but its in the past, its time to move on. We have ALL made mistakes. It's just important that we learn from them. And it looks like you have. I am so grateful to have you in my life. I hope you know that. I love you and DB so much. :)

  3. is such a great ref. site Marie S! Thank you for the Kind words!

  4. L Woww! I love you! Thank you for your words as well, I think we both have learned from what we used to be! :) We cant wait until Thursday!!! love you!