Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Episode Fifteen

My favorite times of the month are paydays.....not that i have any money.....but that i am getting closer and closer to my goal of being debt free. I have decided that Target does not help me to reach my free of debt goal....I have a slight addiction to Target. I have probably mentioned this before. I have decided that i will not be able to go into Target unless i have the following: 

1. A list - I will only purchase what is on the list, if i see something i "Need" i will have to write it down on the list for the next Target trip. The list will also have estimated prices.

2. A budget - I will only have 1 - $50.00 bill to spend at Target unless, a bigger purchase is on the list.

and finally....

3. Target Buddy - I can only go to target if i have an available Target Buddy. The Target Buddy will have to keep me "in check" from going crazy.

I feel this way will be the only way I will be able to survive Target. If you would like to become a Target Buddy please comment and I can send you an application. Also to be a TB you cannot be a Target Addict. That will only end up in total relapse. 

A note to FH:

Please mark this on you list, you probably should not like Target, you will be my TB once you have accepted the FH position available.


Tonight i will be making L-WOWW's famous cookies, Peanut butter Chocolate Chip :) YUM! I will not be eating any of the cookies.....sad face...but it is for the best!!!! Although people will be eating them tomorrow at our Labor Day Pot luck!


UPDATE - Dooty Booty is doing well with out her paci during the day (she gets it only at naps and bed) Talk about an addiction. She would whine saying "Where's paci, I NEEEEEDDDDD Paci" I am glad she is doing better with that, she still needs to work on the self-calming part. She gets so wound up, poor thing. 

I am going to leave you all with a Random Fact:

The ancient Egyptians bought jewelry for their pet crocodiles.

"Wock N Woll!"

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Episode Fourteen

What a weekend of doing...really....nothing....it's been hot here so yesterday Dooty Booty and i spent the day in Target...like squatters....just walking around enjoying the A/C. That is a luxury we do not have at our house. I also got my hand tattoo touched up. Its been awhile since i have been tattooed, i think that helped a little with my case of "Fog Head" I guess because its like my drug and i have been feigning for it...HA! Today we went and got     some pictured taken, i got an offer in my email that said free 10 by 13 and combo sheet (1 5 x 7 and 4 wallets) so we went.....i then was also going to get the same package that i usually get.....and i was informed i could not combine the two offers......i now realize we should have just stayed and done another shoot but Dooty Booty was getting crazy....and plus it wasn't our normal photographer....this lady didn't know us and treated us like just another walk in.....when in realty in my daughters 2.5 years of life we have bought 6 photo packages from them.....so yeah....i was a little frustrated. oh well another time....Other then that today has been a real lazy day dooty booty and i even took a nap.....it was just supposed to be her but i laid down with her and passed OUT! lol....a good 3 hours lost! LOL!!!

Gotta go switch over the laundry and hopefully someone or something interesting will happen tomorrow so i have some better reading material for you all!!!!!

"Wock N Woll"

Friday, August 26, 2011

Episode Thirteen

I like that it is Episode Thirteen on a Friday.....any hoot.....

I cant kick this cloud that has covered my head this past 2 weeks, i don't know what is going on......I think i am trying to block all the crappy thoughts that i have some i can talk about which is always a good "Release" and the others that i cant (until everything is sorted out) so i think it has affected my head lol

You probably can just imagine how hard it is to move back home to your parents house at 25.....and then with a baby on top of it all....now almost 3 years later is still isn't any easier...lol....its hard to share a house with 3 other adults, it gets stuffy.....and Dooty Booty and I share a bedroom......I think i just need a small vacation.......maybe i will have to save up some money and Dooty Booty and I will get a hotel for a weekend or something, and pretend like it is our own apartment. 

What ever this could is I have got to figure it out.....I am losing my *cheer* HA!

OK so lets be honest: I DON'T KNOW HOW TO COOK!!! I have decided to purchase a cookbook 

every month and start cooking with the recipes.....if you have any recipes feel free to post them on here or on my face book www.facebook.com/CSandDB while you are there "like" it! LOL 

I am going to try to get dooty booty to bed early tonight because I need to start week 2 of P90X, I finished week one and it seemed more like figuring it all out....and not everyday will be trying to perfect the workouts.......

Its hot and Dooty Booty needs a bath! We'll be back tomorrow!!!

"Wock N Woll"

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Episode Twelve

NO JOKE!!! Yesterday I walked into a stall in the women's bathroom at my work and there was a gift waiting for me......I am not talking a small gift either. Yes, a grown woman, most likely a corporate executive did this....why not flush the toilet? I was just taken back by this, just the same when there is writing in the elevators(yes on the walls) I am pretty sure I work in a corporate building....LOL I was slightly in shock, maybe she forgot.....oh well HA!

I have been so out of it today and I am not sure why, my brain feels blank. If i were pregnant i would be able to chalk it up to pregnant brain....but that is defiantly not the case. But once FH comes around it will happen! I miss the baby feeling. I could possibly have baby fever because a co-worker is pregnant...Oh man Gamma Moogs would KILL me!!!! She does so much, her and Papa Grumps...they watch Dooty Booty all day while I am at work, from the time I leave the house 7:00am until 6:00pm (times may vary) so if i put another baby in the equation i think i would have to be a SAHM lol!!!

I am working on taking Dooty Booty's paci away...well she will only have it at naps and bedtime. She is seriously like a new child, she doesn't really know how to self sooth herself yet. So when she starts to get tired she gets all wound up and hyper. Then you ask her to lay down and she wont, Gamma moogs said she took a 3 hour nap today, which i don't think she has done since she was a baby. And right now we got into bed, i gave her the paci, and within 5 minutes she was out cold! I am calling this Step 1: Removal of PACIs, Step 2, will be Operation SLEEP in YOUR OWN BED!!!!!, and step 3 will be Diaper Free is the way to be! LOL. They say it takes 3 days (and it working?!?) of changing a child's routine for them to grasp the new change....so this should be easy.......................................

Ok i am going to end this Thursday with my new Shout out section called "Thanks to YOU...Thursday!"

Thanks to YOU: Gamma Moogs & Papa Grumps for going ABOVE and BEYOND your Grandparent duties and taking care of  Dooty Booty during the day, and maybe for a couple of hours on the weekends sometimes. I know and understand that it is a hard job and totally wish i had the means (meaning FH) to let you guys be actual grandparents!!! Thank you for everything you do!!

On that note!!! Good night all!!! Follow me!

"Wock N Woll!"

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Weigh in Wednesday - Week 1

I am so sorry i didn't get anything posted for yesterday, it was a super jam packed day and by the time i was done working out  it was bed time...OH well I'm not perfect!

I still have not gotten a chance to take my "before" pictures or measurements..... hopefully tonight!!! 

Its that time again, the time where I embarrass my self to a bunch of people basically in front of me.

Last weeks weigh in was a whopping 212.2 lbs 

This weeks weigh in : 211.6

Total weight lost: 0.6 lbs

Total weight to remaining till goal weight 140: 71.6 lbs

Not a huge loss this week but honestly, I will take any loss!!!

Thanks for reading!!! "Wock n Woll!"

Monday, August 22, 2011

Episode Eleven

OK please tell me how you get pulled over at 7:30am and arrested? I mean there cant be anything good from that situation. That's what i saw this morning on my way to work, a guy was pulled over by a motorcycle cop and then i couldn't even see a guy until...oh wait there he is sitting on the ground in hand cuffs. This is my thoughts: "Ding, Ding, Ding DUI....wait its 7:30am, you jerk, how about you should have stayed where ever you were instead of putting our lives in danger, OR he could have stolen the car....d-bag....get a job and get yer own car....OR drugs....." but i was over it by then....lol so there was no more thoughts...

Question: Do you do weird things in your car while you're driving?

I am a Car singer,I mean belt it out like no one is watching kind of car singer. I will sing all the way home from work, i will sing to Dooty Booty in the car as she is screaming "NOOOOOO!!!!!" I like to sing in my car with the windows down, that is nice, i dislike getting a cloud of smoke from the car in front of me while i am trying to hit my falsetto, "Hey lady in the Blue Malibu in front of me,could you please not smoke during my concert." AGAIN! I was this person before June 2008. I smoked like a chimney, and in the car was the best place to smoke....but dang i didn't realize it would mess up my CAR-E-OKE.....

Aunt Denn & Aunt Snatty
Tonight was Date night with my ladies! We have dinner and watch The secret life of the American Teenager, yeah, that's right, I watch DUMB shows that are amazing lol! I love my girls and they have been there thorough all the s--- storms called single parenting. I cherish my Monday nights with them, and dooty booty loves them! Aunt Denn made a Potato Chicken thing that was AMAZING! 

Speaking of food I made these roasted red potato things, last night, from start to finish i must add, ALL BY MYSELF! Well I called Gamma Moogs and asked questions. But i did it on my own!!! YAY ME! 

I have to hand out an award tonight to Dooty Booty!!! Tonight she realized she had to go potty and said it and i took her to the bath room and she went!!! I have not been pushing potty training on her lately because of just that, she doesn't realize she has to go, or get the sensation of "having to go" But BIG UPS to my baby girl!!! No pressure love! Mommy loves you!

On that note I am off to bed! I am not doing the 4:30 am thing again! HA!

"Wock N Woll"

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Episode TEN!

Made it to Ten b-words!!!!!!

It is Sunday! I got the G done skipping the T and am working on the L.......

Oh man, day 3 of P90X = Shoulders & Arms, and a side of Ab Ripper X....this isn't a joke! I can no longer laugh, cough, sneeze....etc without it hurting...but hurting in that "Hurts so good" kind of way! Where you know something has to be happening HA! I am going to take my pictures and do my measurements right after this post......eek!!!

Dooty booty is turning into some sort of  No nap Rebel!! I don't quite get this! She is super tired, and will lay down and her eyes will start to close and then the shakes her head..,,as if to shake off the Sleep. I am over it! And she will also be going to her quiet room after this blog.....even if i have to lay with her until she falls asleep........Gamma Moogs was watching Dooty Booty while I was doing my workout this morning, and apparently little miss Dooty Booty decided to have a complete meltdown. Such a sweet Lil girl! HA!

Tomorrow morning I will be getting up super early for YOGA......by early i mean 4:30 in the AM! I don't think i have seen that time since i was in the Hospital in Labor with Dooty Booty. But I am willing to do it so i can change my life and be there the Dooty Booty.

OK i got to go put this grumpy kid down, Nap time = Mommy Break! LOL!!!!

"Wock n Woll"

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Episode Nine

First off I want to say that despite how much crap i gave to Gamma Moogs for blogging ALL THE TIME, I am starting to enjoy it. I like my 10 followers, and I thank you all for your continued support. Even if you don't read my blog lol! I also would like to say, i am not a English major so you will have to deal with all my grammar errors! 

C/S Note to my FH

To my future Husband................Whoever you are.....if you like to enjoy Action flicks, or even better the same action flick over and over and over, you will have to make enough money to provide housing that has an EXTRA room that you may enjoy your Manly movies on repeat...I have put up with it enough living with Papa Grumps....

Also another thing FH -- the picture of the toilet paper roll is unacceptable, the paper should be hanging over the roll not under. This is an example from my work bathroom. I would rather the new roll not even be placed on the holder then it placed like this....Also don't leave just one sheet on the roll, if you see that it is all gone REPLACE IT.......is it obsessive? it may be...but what's that saying Happy Wife Happy Life?....My poor poor future husband......I apologized in advance for my craziness....HA! 

C/S P90X

Today was day 2 of my P90X challenge! I am sore from yesterday and even more sore from today, I am also starting to get back on track with my eating. Portion control. It isn't that i am hungry or full. I will eat and then my head say "You're not full, you need to eat more" it taunts me like an elementary school playground bully....This is a total addiction. I get why they say you have to fight for life. It is never ending. Just have to keep my focus. I am most likely going to have to do a couple of rounds of P90X to even get to where I can do the exercises correctly. I still haven't done my pictures or my measurements....i have to get on that!!!! 

Well I guess I should end it there, I need to try to relax...I drank coffee toooo late in the day LOL!

"Wock n Woll"

Friday, August 19, 2011

Episode Eight

I seriously need help with my blog! I don’t know what I am doing! I want it to look pretty like all my momma friends’ blogs out there! Does someone want to spend a little time with me to help me with this?! Pro Bono of course, I gots no moo-la! Speaking of moo-la!!! I have paid my final payment on my last credit card! WOO-HOO!!! I sent a $300 payment to them, the card is cut up and the account will be closed. I am now broke for the next couple of weeks but that is ok! I am living like no one else now so I can live like no one else later!! Broke now, Rich Later! HA! We’ll see…..Now it is time to pay off these braces……….

C/S P90X

Today will be my first day on the P90X challenge! Oh My Gee!!! I am excited and scared! I have everything written down in my calendar so I don’t have to look at the big calendar lol! I am thinking about posting the before, 30 day, 60 day and final pictures. We will soon find out! Ha! I guess if I can put my weight for everyone to see I can put my pictures also. Again: If I am not back here, or on Facebook, in a couple of days, I may on the floor unable to get up, HA!

C/S Happy, Happy Birthday!

I would like to send a very happy birthday to Dooty Booty’s Big sister! (No, she isn’t mine LOL) She is 4 today!!!

Another happy birthday to a lovely Power Puff Girl!!!! (I know you remember! LOL)

I hope you both have such an amazing day, and Weekend!!!!

"Wock n Woll"

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Episode Seven

Would you rather:

Have one of your nostrils always plugged  - or -  Always have one song stuck in your head?

Everyday I enjoy the traffic of California, people cutting you off to go no where, people not letting you merge or move over a lane because they think their spots going to move fast soon....which it is not. 

I am not a fan of driving in the city, meaning San Diego, or Los Angeles, I like small town driving. Where nothing is rushed, and you can just cruse. Where you don't have to worry that someone is going to ride you a$$ because you got over and are going the speed limit.

I have a baby in my car most of the time so i would appreciate it if you would slow the F down, and please use you blinker/turn signal!!! Is that so much to ask? I don't think it really is.......and get off your cell phones! Come on!! You aren't that important...just saying...

I do have to apologize i am a 65mph -75mph driver, but in saying that i do also stay in the slow lane.

C/S - New LAW

So I heard on the radio that there was a new bill/law passed stating that you can no longer smoke in apartment homes in California, I personally, am totally 100% for this. I used to smoke for 14 years, and i still think it is a great idea! What do you think?



I work with SD-freak, he is a guy that says it all and will be featured in here from time to time, with his newest sayings of the month....HA! He is a subscriber to my RSS feed so he does read my blog! HA! He likes to offer me Hamburgers and french fries knowing i am trying to lose weight. Also offers to take me to go eat some wonderful shrimp when i am allergic to shellfish! He is a good time at work. He is a Salsa Dancing Freak! So watch out for him!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Episode Six

Captain's Log Monday 8/15/11 - 11:45 am:

I am sitting here eating my lunch (Brown Rice, lettuce, Avocado, and some shredded boiled chicken with a little hot sauce for taste) thinking I am doing so great right now, my bills are getting paid, Dooty Booty isn't a complete wreck, I just started doing P90X, granted I am a little sore today (by a little i mean a lot), so why am i not happy? I know! Because they are changing my health insurance at work and i don't know what to do!!!! Currently i have kaiser, which has been great for me. And now after me having this for 4 years they want to change it to an HSA plan......I have a lot of thinking to do and weighing out what to do, here is the thing: To stay with kaiser i will have to enroll as an individual which means getting a physical. We all know i will not pass that right now...unless i can get some sort of approval from them stating i NEED to have them, but then again my premiums will go up higher with kaiser....

With the HSA i will get 500.00 from the company on an HSA card, my deductible will be $2500.00 out of pocket. then after that insurance will cover from 2500-4000 80/20, and then after 4000 its free for me. This will be cheaper. If i put Dooty Booty on it everything goes up. This is just a stressful decision!!! EEK!!!

Weigh In Wednesday - Beginning Weight

Since i am on the journey of weight loss, i decided to hold myself accountable and post it on here where the whole world could possibly see...

One year ago i started this at 250.00 lbs in 6 months, from August 2010 to February 2011 i had lost a total of 40lbs, so i was down to 210.00 and that was just from changing my diet.

For my height the average weight chart says i need to be about 106-140 lbs depending on what type of frame i have, and due to the fact that i am just a FAT A** i am not sure what frame i have. LOL So I am going to aim for 140 lbs and then go from there!

So now for the horrid part! Todays weigh in:

In the past five months I have just been maintaining my weight. TRYING to stay at 210.


I have 72.2 lbs to go to get to 140!! Lets make it happen!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Episode Five

Sunday...there isn't really much to say about Sundays....I finally completed ALL of my laundry....and GUESS What.....the missing blue and green sock have appeared again...dot. dot. dot.

I started the workout videos.....I did the bonus disc, it isn't the P90X though it is from a different program. I now have to take my before pictures, I am debating on putting them up here.....................we'll see........Tomorrow I will start the first disc to P90X. I do have to get a pull up bar and yoga blocks and a few other items....that actually might take me a little bit to save up for all of that....so i will have to modify while i save up the moo-la. I am actually looking forward to this, i have lost 40 lbs in a year, this month on the 24th will be a year, and it was more like i lost 40 lbs in 4-5 months and then maintained it. I will talk about all this more on Wednesday. Wednesdays will be called "Weigh in Wednesdays" or Wednesday Weigh In" or may be both lol! If there is no more blog entries from me after today you know that is because P90X has knocked me on my beep and i can no longer get to the computer...lol


Tomorrow I will be sending my final payment to the the FINAL credit card i owe on. What a weight lifted off of my shoulders, after that I will not own a credit card. I cut this one up a while ago! What a great feeling! All that will be left is my braces..................$2500 left on those. If you want help for your debt go to http://www.daveramsey.com/ seriously buy his Total Money Makeover Book, I am only on baby step 2, but his theory is amazing and i believe in it! DO IT!

C/S Back to work tomorrow

Time to head back to work tomorrow. that is all i have to say about that! I hope it is a better week then last week, I am quitting Starbucks....so i may have to double up on the poop coffee. LOL!

Time to give Dooty Booty a bath and then it is BED TIME!!! Sorry so short today!

"Wock n Woll!"

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Episode Four

Ah yeah blogging late tonight! Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

I am not going to lie when i say, it is really hard to write something everyday. All you bloggers who do this daily are awesomely crazy! HA! I really hope i can keep up! Also hope my 8 followers turns into 1,000,000...to much? I can dream!

It is 10:32 pm i am sitting on the couch watching Little Bill, waiting for Dooty Booty to pass out already. I am having a hard time getting her to go to sleep on her own and in her own bed. I think she is scared that i am going to leave her, a slight case of separation anxiety i would guess. I am really going to have to work at getting her to sleep in her own bed, that will also allow me to have my own bed back!!! I wont be kicked out of my bed by a two year old! Now the next question is should i take her paci away the same time i am potty training her and training her to sleep in her big girl bed? Or do it one step at a time?

Speaking of potty training, i thought i was lucky for a while she would go potty in her little potty randomly....but i really don't think she is ready, just because she wont tell me she has to "poop" until it has already happened....I'll give that a little more time also.

Today i was supposed to do my laundry, i got 1 1/2 loads done...so the rest will be tomorrow. Last week i washed my work clothes and the washing machine monster ate one of my green socks....STILL has not been returned...today i washed my work clothes and the washing machine monster ATE my blue sock....so now i am missing TWO socks for TWO different pairs! Why couldn't it have just ate the other green sock and left it at that?

Today we saw a friend, we'll call her SOCCS (she is a soccer player) We met her for Froyo! YUM!!! She also brought me P90X! I will be starting that tomorrow! She said to read the book first though. So i will watch the intro disk and start the book :)

Uncle Bear and Dooty Booty
March 2010
We also met up with the Uncles....Uncle Bear and Uncle Disney <3 Dooty Booty and I love them!!! I wish I would have gotten a picture of them today!!! They treated us to linner....or just a late lunch! I wish they lived closer....they invited me to see GLEE!!! But I could not go....its ok...i WILL see it! LOL

Dooty Booty and I went to Wally World, it was a mad house, I said I will only stop if i get a front row parking (in hopes i wouldn't) BAM! There was a front row parking spot basically glowing saying my name..."Cheapsoda, cheapsoda park here" $50 later i came out with a bunch of stuff we don't need.....Hello my name is Cheapsoda, and i am addicted to Shopping.........

On that fine note it is now late and Dooty Booty is STILL awake....Tomorrow will be a day filled with laundry! LOL!

"Wock n Woll"

Friday, August 12, 2011

Episode Three

It's Friday, Friday...gotta get down with Friday....

This morning I was listening to my favorite radio show (San Diego's - The Mikey Show 94.9) and they were talking about things you collected as a kid............wait for it......this girl called in and said "I don't do this anymore, but when I was a little girl I collected....SCABS and FINGER NAILS" REALLY?!?!?!? WTF!! When I heard that it gave me the vomit feeling in my mouth! I don't even know about that...HA! A guy on the show said a girl he took to his Jr. Prom had a booger Jar. That's right, she collected them...baahah!

C/S to Crazy Girls

Do you ever wonder why girls get what I like to call "stupid vision" over their entire head when they start dating a new person? Hey I cannot say this doesn't happen to me, it may, I just don't know how to recognize it BECAUSE I am surrounded by stupid vision. It is like they'll be your friend and then this new guy comes along and all of a sudden BAMMM!!! You didn't see it coming, and neither did they! You guys talk less, hang out less, its just a bunch of bs....now that I am thinking about it, it actually happens with guys also. When a guys meets a new girl the same stuff happens! That's why it is good to have friends who are already in relationships LOL! Oh well I guess it is what it is! Just a small tangent I fell into....

C/S to TV/Movies:

Today glee comes out! I am kind of excited to see this, I dont care for the 3D part so much but I do like Glee! If I ever get a chance to go to the movies and see this I will be sure to fill you in on how amazing it is, but the truth is I will probably be waiting until it comes to DVD.

I missed Jersey Shores last night...SAD FACE....it's ok, i did DVR it and will be watching the show tonight!  If you are asking yourself, "Why is she watching that mess?" I will answer it with a question "Why do you wear a seat belt?" BECAUSE!! IT'S THE LAW! Duh!  

C/S to The end of the day

Today was a pretty good day, I cannot complain, Dooty Booty has been wonderful since I have been home from work. No major meltdowns, no minor ones either. That make me a happy momma! To all 8 of my readers!Thank you for reading, we'll be back tomorrow!

"Wock n Woll"

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Episode Two

A little inside information: Dooty Booty and I live in a House with 3 other people some people would call them family, I guess I would agree. We have Papa Grumps, Gamma Moogs, Aunt Re-Re.

Gamma Moogs
Papa Grumps

I lead a pretty simple life! Get up, shower, make my lunch (most days), go to starbucks (this will be off my list soon, sad face), go to work, come home, hang with Dooty Booty, sleep, wash, rinse, repeat.....that is an average day for me. When I wake up I like things to go smoothly, I'm pretty sure everyone does. This morning was one of the smooth type days! I got up and got in the shower no problem (Sometime Papa Grumps road blocks me), Dooty Booty actually stayed asleep the whole time i was in the shower, got ready, and even after i left. It is much harder to get those things done with a child at your feet.

Aunt Re-Re and The BF

(C/S (Change Subject)

Did you ever do the "Change Subject" thing in old letters back in middle school. You keep talking about a subject that just doesn't really have a point and you just have to stop and CHANGE the SUBJECT! My mind wanders, so my thoughts are all over the place. This blog will defiantly be random. This will be used to segue to different subjects on the fly.)

I really don't like when there is drama, and I feel like that is what tonight ended up like. It is easy to say that you wont say something bad again or "Push Buttons", now I just have to work on actually not doing that when I am upset. As for the other person....DOT DOT DOT....

My day started amazing and ended....well it is ending great with dooty booty and I, that drama is over....hopefully it will not come back!!!

I am realizing that it is hard to compile everything that is in my head out though my fingers to my blog. There is so much I want to say....Please STAY with me, I will get better at this! 

For now I am going to hit the hay, hopefully I work this out a little better tomorrow!!! Until then! 

As Dooty Booty says "Wock n Woll" 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Episode One

It all started one rainy day in the middle of summer....scratch that...

It was a bright and breezy summer day in August........delete..delete...

It all began on a Wednesday in August....it was the 10th of August to be exact.

HAHA! I always wanted to do that! Well this is the beginning of the Adventures of Cheapsoda and Doody Booty. All stories in this blog are true. All names and faces have been changed to protect the innocent. Please enjoy because this will most likely get extremely hilarious at times!

I am going to go back to yesterday, I got an amazing cookie recipe from my friend L-WOWW. So I decided to make them last night of all time....SIDE NOTE: I work full time and Dooty Booty is 2.5 so she runs my life when I get home. I stopped by my local favorite Market and saw my MBF aka Market Boy Friend aka my favorite cashier...he asked me what I was making....blah...blah...small talk.....in the end I told him I would bring him some cookies the next day (Today)

I stayed up late slaving over the stove making about 1 million cookies! I can't lie though they turned out amazing, as I knew they would. Baaha OK I freaked out a little.....Well once they were completed Dooty Booty picked out a cute plate, a Pig plate, out to put our MBF's cookies on. After cleaning up all that mess it was late like 10pm...and Dooty Booty has a cold and still needed a bath...

She only woke up once last night! Which was AMMMAZZIINNGGG!!! I like my sleep! Don't you?!? Today was an OK day at work, breezed by, I was just looking forward to take our MBF the cookies, because I was really proud of them LOL!

I get to the market and give him the cookies and take a picture for Dooty Booty! They were a HIT!!!! YEEESSS I actually made something that tastes right HA! It was such an easy recipe and I am going to be making it often! The only part that was a problem was I almost didn't get a picture for Dooty Booty, the manager was saying we couldn't take one....good thing we are VIP in this market, we go there constantly....1-2 times a week to be exact...So in the end we got the picture

I do have to admit that today wasn't really exciting, but when you have a sidekick who is 2.5 life isn't usually dull.

Grab some popcorn, sit back, and read the Adventures of Cheapsoda and Dooty Booty!

Until tomorrow!