Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Episode One

It all started one rainy day in the middle of summer....scratch that...

It was a bright and breezy summer day in August........delete..delete...

It all began on a Wednesday in was the 10th of August to be exact.

HAHA! I always wanted to do that! Well this is the beginning of the Adventures of Cheapsoda and Doody Booty. All stories in this blog are true. All names and faces have been changed to protect the innocent. Please enjoy because this will most likely get extremely hilarious at times!

I am going to go back to yesterday, I got an amazing cookie recipe from my friend L-WOWW. So I decided to make them last night of all time....SIDE NOTE: I work full time and Dooty Booty is 2.5 so she runs my life when I get home. I stopped by my local favorite Market and saw my MBF aka Market Boy Friend aka my favorite cashier...he asked me what I was making....blah...blah...small the end I told him I would bring him some cookies the next day (Today)

I stayed up late slaving over the stove making about 1 million cookies! I can't lie though they turned out amazing, as I knew they would. Baaha OK I freaked out a little.....Well once they were completed Dooty Booty picked out a cute plate, a Pig plate, out to put our MBF's cookies on. After cleaning up all that mess it was late like 10pm...and Dooty Booty has a cold and still needed a bath...

She only woke up once last night! Which was AMMMAZZIINNGGG!!! I like my sleep! Don't you?!? Today was an OK day at work, breezed by, I was just looking forward to take our MBF the cookies, because I was really proud of them LOL!

I get to the market and give him the cookies and take a picture for Dooty Booty! They were a HIT!!!! YEEESSS I actually made something that tastes right HA! It was such an easy recipe and I am going to be making it often! The only part that was a problem was I almost didn't get a picture for Dooty Booty, the manager was saying we couldn't take one....good thing we are VIP in this market, we go there constantly....1-2 times a week to be exact...So in the end we got the picture

I do have to admit that today wasn't really exciting, but when you have a sidekick who is 2.5 life isn't usually dull.

Grab some popcorn, sit back, and read the Adventures of Cheapsoda and Dooty Booty!

Until tomorrow!


  1. Well, I can hardly wait for more.
    Nice pic of MBF ;-D

  2. This is great. I am LMAO!!!! I love everything! You are amazing. I love you friend.