Monday, August 22, 2011

Episode Eleven

OK please tell me how you get pulled over at 7:30am and arrested? I mean there cant be anything good from that situation. That's what i saw this morning on my way to work, a guy was pulled over by a motorcycle cop and then i couldn't even see a guy until...oh wait there he is sitting on the ground in hand cuffs. This is my thoughts: "Ding, Ding, Ding DUI....wait its 7:30am, you jerk, how about you should have stayed where ever you were instead of putting our lives in danger, OR he could have stolen the car....d-bag....get a job and get yer own car....OR drugs....." but i was over it by so there was no more thoughts...

Question: Do you do weird things in your car while you're driving?

I am a Car singer,I mean belt it out like no one is watching kind of car singer. I will sing all the way home from work, i will sing to Dooty Booty in the car as she is screaming "NOOOOOO!!!!!" I like to sing in my car with the windows down, that is nice, i dislike getting a cloud of smoke from the car in front of me while i am trying to hit my falsetto, "Hey lady in the Blue Malibu in front of me,could you please not smoke during my concert." AGAIN! I was this person before June 2008. I smoked like a chimney, and in the car was the best place to smoke....but dang i didn't realize it would mess up my CAR-E-OKE.....

Aunt Denn & Aunt Snatty
Tonight was Date night with my ladies! We have dinner and watch The secret life of the American Teenager, yeah, that's right, I watch DUMB shows that are amazing lol! I love my girls and they have been there thorough all the s--- storms called single parenting. I cherish my Monday nights with them, and dooty booty loves them! Aunt Denn made a Potato Chicken thing that was AMAZING! 

Speaking of food I made these roasted red potato things, last night, from start to finish i must add, ALL BY MYSELF! Well I called Gamma Moogs and asked questions. But i did it on my own!!! YAY ME! 

I have to hand out an award tonight to Dooty Booty!!! Tonight she realized she had to go potty and said it and i took her to the bath room and she went!!! I have not been pushing potty training on her lately because of just that, she doesn't realize she has to go, or get the sensation of "having to go" But BIG UPS to my baby girl!!! No pressure love! Mommy loves you!

On that note I am off to bed! I am not doing the 4:30 am thing again! HA!

"Wock N Woll"

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