Sunday, August 14, 2011

Episode Five

Sunday...there isn't really much to say about Sundays....I finally completed ALL of my laundry....and GUESS What.....the missing blue and green sock have appeared dot. dot.

I started the workout videos.....I did the bonus disc, it isn't the P90X though it is from a different program. I now have to take my before pictures, I am debating on putting them up here.....................we'll see........Tomorrow I will start the first disc to P90X. I do have to get a pull up bar and yoga blocks and a few other items....that actually might take me a little bit to save up for all of i will have to modify while i save up the moo-la. I am actually looking forward to this, i have lost 40 lbs in a year, this month on the 24th will be a year, and it was more like i lost 40 lbs in 4-5 months and then maintained it. I will talk about all this more on Wednesday. Wednesdays will be called "Weigh in Wednesdays" or Wednesday Weigh In" or may be both lol! If there is no more blog entries from me after today you know that is because P90X has knocked me on my beep and i can no longer get to the


Tomorrow I will be sending my final payment to the the FINAL credit card i owe on. What a weight lifted off of my shoulders, after that I will not own a credit card. I cut this one up a while ago! What a great feeling! All that will be left is my braces..................$2500 left on those. If you want help for your debt go to seriously buy his Total Money Makeover Book, I am only on baby step 2, but his theory is amazing and i believe in it! DO IT!

C/S Back to work tomorrow

Time to head back to work tomorrow. that is all i have to say about that! I hope it is a better week then last week, I am quitting i may have to double up on the poop coffee. LOL!

Time to give Dooty Booty a bath and then it is BED TIME!!! Sorry so short today!

"Wock n Woll!"

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