Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Episode Six

Captain's Log Monday 8/15/11 - 11:45 am:

I am sitting here eating my lunch (Brown Rice, lettuce, Avocado, and some shredded boiled chicken with a little hot sauce for taste) thinking I am doing so great right now, my bills are getting paid, Dooty Booty isn't a complete wreck, I just started doing P90X, granted I am a little sore today (by a little i mean a lot), so why am i not happy? I know! Because they are changing my health insurance at work and i don't know what to do!!!! Currently i have kaiser, which has been great for me. And now after me having this for 4 years they want to change it to an HSA plan......I have a lot of thinking to do and weighing out what to do, here is the thing: To stay with kaiser i will have to enroll as an individual which means getting a physical. We all know i will not pass that right now...unless i can get some sort of approval from them stating i NEED to have them, but then again my premiums will go up higher with kaiser....

With the HSA i will get 500.00 from the company on an HSA card, my deductible will be $2500.00 out of pocket. then after that insurance will cover from 2500-4000 80/20, and then after 4000 its free for me. This will be cheaper. If i put Dooty Booty on it everything goes up. This is just a stressful decision!!! EEK!!!


  1. This is one of many reasons why I hate American healthcare. My suggestion? Move to Australia!

  2. What about an outside insurance co like blue cross or something? So you will probably still have a to get a physical but someone HAS to cover you. it makes no sense why they wouldn't cover you.... Who can you call and talk to about this at your HR office or something about trying to stay with Kaiser? Then I would call outside insurance companies too.. Is Dooty on the Healthy Families ins? will she still have it if you switch?

  3. I dont know, i am going to try to see if i can get with kaiser? or stay with them, but when i go over it, it will acutally most likely be more expensive........i just have to think about it.