Sunday, August 28, 2011

Episode Fourteen

What a weekend of's been hot here so yesterday Dooty Booty and i spent the day in squatters....just walking around enjoying the A/C. That is a luxury we do not have at our house. I also got my hand tattoo touched up. Its been awhile since i have been tattooed, i think that helped a little with my case of "Fog Head" I guess because its like my drug and i have been feigning for it...HA! Today we went and got     some pictured taken, i got an offer in my email that said free 10 by 13 and combo sheet (1 5 x 7 and 4 wallets) so we went.....i then was also going to get the same package that i usually get.....and i was informed i could not combine the two offers......i now realize we should have just stayed and done another shoot but Dooty Booty was getting crazy....and plus it wasn't our normal photographer....this lady didn't know us and treated us like just another walk in.....when in realty in my daughters 2.5 years of life we have bought 6 photo packages from yeah....i was a little frustrated. oh well another time....Other then that today has been a real lazy day dooty booty and i even took a was just supposed to be her but i laid down with her and passed OUT! lol....a good 3 hours lost! LOL!!!

Gotta go switch over the laundry and hopefully someone or something interesting will happen tomorrow so i have some better reading material for you all!!!!!

"Wock N Woll"

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