Saturday, August 20, 2011

Episode Nine

First off I want to say that despite how much crap i gave to Gamma Moogs for blogging ALL THE TIME, I am starting to enjoy it. I like my 10 followers, and I thank you all for your continued support. Even if you don't read my blog lol! I also would like to say, i am not a English major so you will have to deal with all my grammar errors! 

C/S Note to my FH

To my future Husband................Whoever you are.....if you like to enjoy Action flicks, or even better the same action flick over and over and over, you will have to make enough money to provide housing that has an EXTRA room that you may enjoy your Manly movies on repeat...I have put up with it enough living with Papa Grumps....

Also another thing FH -- the picture of the toilet paper roll is unacceptable, the paper should be hanging over the roll not under. This is an example from my work bathroom. I would rather the new roll not even be placed on the holder then it placed like this....Also don't leave just one sheet on the roll, if you see that it is all gone REPLACE it obsessive? it may be...but what's that saying Happy Wife Happy Life?....My poor poor future husband......I apologized in advance for my craziness....HA! 

C/S P90X

Today was day 2 of my P90X challenge! I am sore from yesterday and even more sore from today, I am also starting to get back on track with my eating. Portion control. It isn't that i am hungry or full. I will eat and then my head say "You're not full, you need to eat more" it taunts me like an elementary school playground bully....This is a total addiction. I get why they say you have to fight for life. It is never ending. Just have to keep my focus. I am most likely going to have to do a couple of rounds of P90X to even get to where I can do the exercises correctly. I still haven't done my pictures or my measurements....i have to get on that!!!! 

Well I guess I should end it there, I need to try to relax...I drank coffee toooo late in the day LOL!

"Wock n Woll"


  1. lmfao...i love the toilet paper thing

  2. Oh there will be more for the FH, i think when i do have a boyfriend in the future I am going to make him read the FH section! LOL