Thursday, August 11, 2011

Episode Two

A little inside information: Dooty Booty and I live in a House with 3 other people some people would call them family, I guess I would agree. We have Papa Grumps, Gamma Moogs, Aunt Re-Re.

Gamma Moogs
Papa Grumps

I lead a pretty simple life! Get up, shower, make my lunch (most days), go to starbucks (this will be off my list soon, sad face), go to work, come home, hang with Dooty Booty, sleep, wash, rinse, repeat.....that is an average day for me. When I wake up I like things to go smoothly, I'm pretty sure everyone does. This morning was one of the smooth type days! I got up and got in the shower no problem (Sometime Papa Grumps road blocks me), Dooty Booty actually stayed asleep the whole time i was in the shower, got ready, and even after i left. It is much harder to get those things done with a child at your feet.

Aunt Re-Re and The BF

(C/S (Change Subject)

Did you ever do the "Change Subject" thing in old letters back in middle school. You keep talking about a subject that just doesn't really have a point and you just have to stop and CHANGE the SUBJECT! My mind wanders, so my thoughts are all over the place. This blog will defiantly be random. This will be used to segue to different subjects on the fly.)

I really don't like when there is drama, and I feel like that is what tonight ended up like. It is easy to say that you wont say something bad again or "Push Buttons", now I just have to work on actually not doing that when I am upset. As for the other person....DOT DOT DOT....

My day started amazing and ended....well it is ending great with dooty booty and I, that drama is over....hopefully it will not come back!!!

I am realizing that it is hard to compile everything that is in my head out though my fingers to my blog. There is so much I want to say....Please STAY with me, I will get better at this! 

For now I am going to hit the hay, hopefully I work this out a little better tomorrow!!! Until then! 

As Dooty Booty says "Wock n Woll" 


  1. i love far a better writer then i..i especially love the face make is a mystery

  2. I wouldnt say a better writer! LOL! You are amazing! <3<3