Friday, August 26, 2011

Episode Thirteen

I like that it is Episode Thirteen on a Friday.....any hoot.....

I cant kick this cloud that has covered my head this past 2 weeks, i don't know what is going on......I think i am trying to block all the crappy thoughts that i have some i can talk about which is always a good "Release" and the others that i cant (until everything is sorted out) so i think it has affected my head lol

You probably can just imagine how hard it is to move back home to your parents house at 25.....and then with a baby on top of it almost 3 years later is still isn't any hard to share a house with 3 other adults, it gets stuffy.....and Dooty Booty and I share a bedroom......I think i just need a small vacation.......maybe i will have to save up some money and Dooty Booty and I will get a hotel for a weekend or something, and pretend like it is our own apartment. 

What ever this could is I have got to figure it out.....I am losing my *cheer* HA!

OK so lets be honest: I DON'T KNOW HOW TO COOK!!! I have decided to purchase a cookbook 

every month and start cooking with the recipes.....if you have any recipes feel free to post them on here or on my face book while you are there "like" it! LOL 

I am going to try to get dooty booty to bed early tonight because I need to start week 2 of P90X, I finished week one and it seemed more like figuring it all out....and not everyday will be trying to perfect the workouts.......

Its hot and Dooty Booty needs a bath! We'll be back tomorrow!!!

"Wock N Woll"

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