Friday, August 12, 2011

Episode Three

It's Friday, Friday...gotta get down with Friday....

This morning I was listening to my favorite radio show (San Diego's - The Mikey Show 94.9) and they were talking about things you collected as a kid............wait for it......this girl called in and said "I don't do this anymore, but when I was a little girl I collected....SCABS and FINGER NAILS" REALLY?!?!?!? WTF!! When I heard that it gave me the vomit feeling in my mouth! I don't even know about that...HA! A guy on the show said a girl he took to his Jr. Prom had a booger Jar. That's right, she collected them...baahah!

C/S to Crazy Girls

Do you ever wonder why girls get what I like to call "stupid vision" over their entire head when they start dating a new person? Hey I cannot say this doesn't happen to me, it may, I just don't know how to recognize it BECAUSE I am surrounded by stupid vision. It is like they'll be your friend and then this new guy comes along and all of a sudden BAMMM!!! You didn't see it coming, and neither did they! You guys talk less, hang out less, its just a bunch of that I am thinking about it, it actually happens with guys also. When a guys meets a new girl the same stuff happens! That's why it is good to have friends who are already in relationships LOL! Oh well I guess it is what it is! Just a small tangent I fell into....

C/S to TV/Movies:

Today glee comes out! I am kind of excited to see this, I dont care for the 3D part so much but I do like Glee! If I ever get a chance to go to the movies and see this I will be sure to fill you in on how amazing it is, but the truth is I will probably be waiting until it comes to DVD.

I missed Jersey Shores last night...SAD's ok, i did DVR it and will be watching the show tonight!  If you are asking yourself, "Why is she watching that mess?" I will answer it with a question "Why do you wear a seat belt?" BECAUSE!! IT'S THE LAW! Duh!  

C/S to The end of the day

Today was a pretty good day, I cannot complain, Dooty Booty has been wonderful since I have been home from work. No major meltdowns, no minor ones either. That make me a happy momma! To all 8 of my readers!Thank you for reading, we'll be back tomorrow!

"Wock n Woll"