Sunday, August 21, 2011

Episode TEN!

Made it to Ten b-words!!!!!!

It is Sunday! I got the G done skipping the T and am working on the L.......

Oh man, day 3 of P90X = Shoulders & Arms, and a side of Ab Ripper X....this isn't a joke! I can no longer laugh, cough, sneeze....etc without it hurting...but hurting in that "Hurts so good" kind of way! Where you know something has to be happening HA! I am going to take my pictures and do my measurements right after this post......eek!!!

Dooty booty is turning into some sort of  No nap Rebel!! I don't quite get this! She is super tired, and will lay down and her eyes will start to close and then the shakes her head..,,as if to shake off the Sleep. I am over it! And she will also be going to her quiet room after this blog.....even if i have to lay with her until she falls asleep........Gamma Moogs was watching Dooty Booty while I was doing my workout this morning, and apparently little miss Dooty Booty decided to have a complete meltdown. Such a sweet Lil girl! HA!

Tomorrow morning I will be getting up super early for early i mean 4:30 in the AM! I don't think i have seen that time since i was in the Hospital in Labor with Dooty Booty. But I am willing to do it so i can change my life and be there the Dooty Booty.

OK i got to go put this grumpy kid down, Nap time = Mommy Break! LOL!!!!

"Wock n Woll"


  1. I wish more of the people I signed up at the gym had your motivation! Awesome!

  2. Baahahah I am only on day 3 Emily! lol i tried it at the gym, but it is hard with Dooty Booty....LOL So i'm going this route!