Thursday, August 25, 2011

Episode Twelve

NO JOKE!!! Yesterday I walked into a stall in the women's bathroom at my work and there was a gift waiting for me......I am not talking a small gift either. Yes, a grown woman, most likely a corporate executive did this....why not flush the toilet? I was just taken back by this, just the same when there is writing in the elevators(yes on the walls) I am pretty sure I work in a corporate building....LOL I was slightly in shock, maybe she forgot.....oh well HA!

I have been so out of it today and I am not sure why, my brain feels blank. If i were pregnant i would be able to chalk it up to pregnant brain....but that is defiantly not the case. But once FH comes around it will happen! I miss the baby feeling. I could possibly have baby fever because a co-worker is pregnant...Oh man Gamma Moogs would KILL me!!!! She does so much, her and Papa Grumps...they watch Dooty Booty all day while I am at work, from the time I leave the house 7:00am until 6:00pm (times may vary) so if i put another baby in the equation i think i would have to be a SAHM lol!!!

I am working on taking Dooty Booty's paci away...well she will only have it at naps and bedtime. She is seriously like a new child, she doesn't really know how to self sooth herself yet. So when she starts to get tired she gets all wound up and hyper. Then you ask her to lay down and she wont, Gamma moogs said she took a 3 hour nap today, which i don't think she has done since she was a baby. And right now we got into bed, i gave her the paci, and within 5 minutes she was out cold! I am calling this Step 1: Removal of PACIs, Step 2, will be Operation SLEEP in YOUR OWN BED!!!!!, and step 3 will be Diaper Free is the way to be! LOL. They say it takes 3 days (and it working?!?) of changing a child's routine for them to grasp the new this should be easy.......................................

Ok i am going to end this Thursday with my new Shout out section called "Thanks to YOU...Thursday!"

Thanks to YOU: Gamma Moogs & Papa Grumps for going ABOVE and BEYOND your Grandparent duties and taking care of  Dooty Booty during the day, and maybe for a couple of hours on the weekends sometimes. I know and understand that it is a hard job and totally wish i had the means (meaning FH) to let you guys be actual grandparents!!! Thank you for everything you do!!

On that note!!! Good night all!!! Follow me!

"Wock N Woll!"


  1. I LOL'd at the "gift" that was left for you. I would hardly call it a gift though. LOL!!

    You know thats the bad thing about paci's, they work BUT the child relies on it in order to calm down. kwim? but you can take it away, it will just take some time to adjust, for the both of you. And I hope it's an easy transition.

  2. I am possibly misreading this, but when FH comes around you're planning on getting preggers?! Feel free to inbox me before I freak out.

  3. EMILY!!!!!! LOL!!! Yes of course!!! When FH comes along I want more babies...i mean i dont know how long it will take....but more like eventually i will get knocked up lol....

  4. Floaters happen. We've all had one that just wouldn't flush. Lol. Sorry I'm in a goofy mood this morning. Probably because I was up late. Good luck with operation remove paci!