Tuesday, September 6, 2011

iPhone Blog

I am blogging from my tiny little iPhone right now, I apologize in advance for any auto corrects, I have no control over iPhone auto correct. I guess I want to prove to Gamma Moogs that this "Smart Phone" (thats what she calls my phone) can do anything, including blogging. So let's begin! I hope you all had a wonderful labor day weekend. We didn't do a whole lot, we stayed close to home because we are broke for the next 2 weeks and it was really hot out!!! To recap the weekend Friday I worked and we got released early for the holiday, yay! On my way home I was a victom of road rage. That was fun, NOT! I always had slight road rage but I would never scream obsentities out my window of my at complete strangers. Any hoot I wonder if I will have the pleasure of running into this perfect gentleman again? Wouldn't that be something. Saturday dooty booty and I just hung around and did a single load of laundry, then went to a friends bday party. We stayed there all day she was having a cocktail party so you can't really take a toddler to one of those, we left before the party got hoppin. Sunday we slept in and did laundry some more and met up with uncle bear. Keepin it low key. Ended up going to the bar, I would really enjoy the bar if no one smoked. Gamma moogs watched dooty booty for me. I got to have some one on one adult time with un le bear, it's good to do that sometimes lol. I don't drink or smoke but had fun lol. Saw some old friends which was neato. Some guy drove into the center divider of the street and knocked the street light off and it fell on his car, yeah he was most likely a DUI which really disgusts me :-/ On Monday I moved dooty booty and my room around. She slept in her OWN bed for most of the night which made this mama happy!!!!!! I hate to cut this short but it is 7:08 and I'm running into bath time....... "wock n woll"

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