Thursday, December 1, 2011

Finding a new me

I have been slacking in everything lately, I am not sure why or what is going on. 

It is time to get my ass back on track and no more excuses! Even if i don't post a blog everyday that will be OK but i need to find the Happy again! Because i am not happy in my body, or environment. 

I am hoping that with the changes coming in 2012 it will help bring my Happy back. We'll have to see....LOL

I am going to have to get back on track with walking at lunch and eating healthy (1200 calories) again. YES!! BRING ON THE FOOD JOURNALS well my weight watchers tracker thing! 

I have been making so many excuses as to why it is OK if i eat crap, or not track my food,  and it really isn't ok. 

I will be starting school in 2012 but before i can even start i have to take a High School Assessment test, due to the fact that i did not get my high school diploma or a GED. I take the test on Saturday. I am actually nervous about it, 1 - because i haven't been in school for 8-10 years, and 2- the practice test has algebra on it, I NEVER took algebra. I have been you tubing it and trying to figure it out. i just hope i pass this thing! 

Change subject...

Dooty booty is talking so much! like full sentences, it is amazing! she is so smart! She sings her abc's and can identify the alphabet which it neat! She is getting so tall, I cant believe she will be 3 in March! Where is this time going?!?!?!??!?!??

I have to get back to business now! 

Please keep me in your thoughts that i can overcome this crap and finally stay on track, instead of just messing everything up!


"Wock n Woll"

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  1. you got this girl -- it's yours when you are ready!

    algebra eeeeeeks & i took it in high school -- wish i knew of a cool site to help ya out!
    i am sure you will rock the test & how awesome that you are going to school!

    nice to see ya back :)