Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Vacation Brain

Did you think i was not going to write tonight?!?! Well thanks a lot! LOL! Thank you for believing in me! HAH!

I want to say that if you are actively in my life, you most likely will be in my sorry about yer luck!

Why is it that toddlers need to have tantrums? Does anyone really benefit from it? I am pretty sure I do not!!!! I though it was terrible twos...but have been informed that twos are cake compared to the threes.....

I have not done anything on my list of things to to before i go on Vacation. I have been working late and my brain is mush! LOL! I think i am already on vacation!

I am really doing good with eating and making sure I exercise everyday. With that going for me I am really excited to weigh in on Friday! KEEPing it DAY by DAY!!!

I got my blog in for the day!
Have a good night!!


1 comment:

  1. my daughter has been crazy for the past 2-3 weeks -- she just seems bored or miserable & lawd knows why?!?! she has a bevy of peeps doting on her at any given minute!

    woohoo for vacay & you are rockin' it mama with the eating healthy & exercising!!!