Friday, October 14, 2011

Episode TwentyTWO

I am not sure what is going on with my comments on here, it is starting to bother me....

This past weekend I took the weekend off of Weight Watchers (DON'T WORRY i was back on track on monday) due to having so many thing going on.....

Last Friday night came home and made dinner (weird), i made a weight watchers dinner: Chicken Teriyaki with Broccoli. It was really good! The best part about it was I didn't eff it up. I am seriously not a cook! i think it will take me a while to get the hang of this but i'll take it slow. I so far have not made a meal every night. Obviously you can see from how often i post, i suck at committing to things, and i REALLY need to change that. I dont think i will be able to advance in ANYthing if i cant grasp that.

Potty Training

Yesterday (10/13/11) we started potty training DB, by we i mean gamma moogs and I. My idea was to take her to the bathroom every 15-30 minutes and sit her on the potty. During my shift, the evening, i think i am letting her sit there to long. What is the right length of time to let your kid sit on the pot...? So we'd take her potty and then once 30 minutes or so elapsed we got up....AN THEN...5 minutes into the waiting period she would pee in her diaper.....this basically happened all day. I though she pee'd once on my shift....i'm pretty sure she did. Then right before bed i took her to the potty and we waited it out....then i put an overnight diaper on her....and 5 minutes later she comes to me and this was our Conversation:

DB: "I pooped."
CS: "Excuse me?"
DB: "Yook" (turns around, points to and shows me her diaper bum)
**There was poop in there**
CS: "You pooped, why didnt you tell mommy, we just used the potty"
DB: "Poop"

I am not going to lie, i was upset, frustrated, irritated, etc. "Maybe she ISN'T ready for this" i thought. I am not so sure what to do now, i am going to keep the potty training in effect through the weekend. Yesterday was day one and kids NEED my night and weekend are going to be spent in the We have a play date with EM tomorrow, we will keep the bathroom limited, but i really believe in here. I am the one who needs to be patient. i am going to take it day by day.

The Jill Foundation 

This weekend SUNDAY to be exact there is a benefit, in honer of my Aunt Jill! She was such an amazing woman! Before i get to the benefit i want to tell you a little about her. She was an amazing lady, a hair stylist, when she smiled there was this glisten, like a sparkle in her eye, she lit up a room. She was such a great mom. So kind and generous. She took me in when i was down, I was 18 just got out of a drug induced, abusive relationship. I decided to clean my life up, and to get literally clean i needed to get away...and she took me in.  My aunt passed away from breast cancer in 2004. I think about her every single day! Every single day since 2004....i really hope she knows how much of an impact she has had on my life. She is in heaven with my Gran (her mom) now, and both are not in pain anymore! I love and miss you both so much!!!!

The dual purpose of The Jill Foundation is to honor the memory of Jill Etzold Kester, a true friend and a talented and respected hairstylist, who was taken from us by breast cancer, and to help hairstylists whose lives have been affected by this devastating disease. 

Ok so this sunday is The Jill Foundation's 2nd Annual - Cut-A-Thon in Orange, CA

For $15.00 (Donation) you get a shampoo and a cut, also there is always a raffle, that is always a good time!

For ALL the info go to

You may also just donate there if you'd like, I'd like you to. Please and thank you!

Thank you in advance!

"Wock N' Woll"


  1. You might want to try no diaper. Try putting some big girls underwear on her. Get her favorite character on them and make a big deal about them. It will be really hard to potty train her, if you are putting a diaper on in between going to the potty.

  2. you're doing awesome on weight watchers -- it is a humongous adjustment -- but you seem like you are doing it the right way!

    potty training...
    hmmm i can only tell you that she won't do it until she is ready. i tried a couple different times with skylar & finally this last time i used bribery (stickers) lol. when she used the potty she got stickers -- i had tons so as many as she wanted.
    it worked but every kid is different.

    your aunt sounds amazing & is so obviously dearly missed!