Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pretend its....Weigh in Wednesday! 10.19.11

Baaahahha!!! I have been so busy keeping up with my farm...meaning FARM freaking VILLE on facebook!! Why?!? No idea! The time I play this dumb game is interfering with my blogging! I need to quit but i don't know how lol!! Any HOOT! Lets get to the Weigh In:

So Since we are pretending it is 10.19.11 i thought you should know that in exactly 7 months i will be starting my last year of my twenties......just a lil info for you.

Last Week: 214.80
This Week: 214.40
Total Loss: 0.40
Goal Weight: 140.00
Left to Go: 74.40

EEk! I had a small loss this week and i am totally fine with it! I know what i did wrong (eat regular yummy ice cream) and now i will stick to my 1 point weight watchers fudge pops. LOL! I didn't meet my small goal for the week and that is ok! I am not going to beat myself up about a small loss. Because a loss is a loss and still weight off of my body, so i am HAPPY about that!

Let do some goals!

Small Goal (for the Week): To lose at least 3.00 lbs at 10.26.11 weigh in - I am going to keep the 3 lb goal for the week BECAUSE i can! Lets DO THIS! LOL

These will be staying the same also
Medium Goal (for the Month): To lose 10.00 lbs by 11.12.11 (starting small...LOL)
Large Goal: to have lost 50 lbs in 20 weeks (2.5 lbs per week)

Right now i am in a good head space....thank you for all your supporting comments and everything!

love yer faces!

"Wock N Woll"


  1. A loss is a loss. Better than a gain. Way to go!!! Keep it up. Mini goals are the best!! Love you!

  2. L Woww! That is how i feel! Hey BTW, tonight is the last JS in Italy! <3

  3. Great job! I give you be ups for being so open and even admitting when you goofed up! At least you know what to change for the next week! I love ya girl and keep up the good work, in all aspects of your amazing life!

  4. i agree -- a loss is a loss & always better than a gain. you may be like me -- i tend to flip-flop -- big loss one week then a mediocre loss the next. that's how i roll.

    at any rate -- doing awesome!!!

  5. Thank you all! I am going to try to give this my all! and you all are a GREAT motivation to me!!! Thank you!!!